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CRA445 -- Robert Vodnoy Papers

CRA 445: Photographs

Historical/Biographical Sketch

Robert Vodnoy has served as one of the most prolific and energetic music directors in the history of Northwest Indiana and Southwest Michigan. From 1976 to 1996, Dr. Vodnoy held the position of Music Director and Conductor for the Northwest Indiana Symphony. In addition, for over thirty seasons, he directed the Southwest Michigan Symphony Orchestra. A third Music Director post brought him to Whiting, Indiana as the Whiting Park Festival Orchestra Conductor.

An active guest conductor, Maestro Vodnoy has appeared internationally with the Czech National Symphony Orchestra, Orchestra Sinfonica de Sanremo, Jonkoping Symphony Orchestra, Nationall Philharmonic Orchestra of Taiwan, Seoul Philharmonic Orchestra, and the Maracaibo Symphony Orchestra. In the Univer States, he has guest-conducted the Billings Symphony Orchestra, Bellevue Philharmonic Orchestra, Mississippi Symphony Orchestra, Orchestra of the Colorado Music Festival, Wisconsin Chamber Orchestra, the Erie Philharmonic Orchestra, and the Jacksonville Symphony Orchestra, to name a few.

On December 31, 2000, Vodnoy appeared as guest conductor with the Orchestra of the Zhejiang Song and Dance Theater in Hangzhou, China in Sunshine for a New Century, a Gala Millennium Concert which was broadcast on Z-TV to 40,000,000 ppeople. These experiences led to the formation of the American International Youth Orchestra which Maestro Vodnoy, along with three members of the SMSO and several Valparaiso University faculty, took on a three-city musical tour of China in July-August 2001.

Maestro Vodnoy holds a B.M. summa cum laude and M.M. in Composition from the University of Hartford and DMus in Orchestral Conducting from Indiana University. He studied for four summers under Charles Bruck at the Monteux Center for Conductors and Orchestral Training in Hancok, Maine and for two summers under Maestro Piero Bellugi in Siena, Italy. He has been a visiting lecturer/clinician at Kalamazoo College, Jacksonville University, St. Joseph's College and Calumet College. As Adjunct Professor of Music at Valparaiso University since 1998, Dr. Vodnoy taught music appreciation and violin, while also serving as Conductor of the Valparaiso University Orchestra in the Spring 2002 term.

He was commisioned by the Berrien Community Foundation to compose Moving Bridges (2001) for the 50th anniversary of the SMSO. He also composed Warrior (1997) for the SMSO and Generations (1996) for the Northwest Indiana Symphony.

At present, Maestro Vodnoy is the Director of Orchestral Activities at Northern State University in Aberdeen, South Dakota.


May 2007

5.00 Linear Feet


Box File Description
1 1 Historical/Biographical Information, Robert Vodnoy
2 Paper, The Sculpture of Michelangelo, Robert Vodnoy, 1967
3 Paper, The Hunting Motif in Ancient Assyrian Art, Robert Vodnoy, 1967
4 Paper, The Religious Painting of Rembrandt, Robert Vodnoy, 1968
5 Paper,Contemporary Analysis, Robert Vodnoy, 1969
6 Paper,Mannerism and the Chromaticism of Vincentino,Robert Vodnoy, 1971
7 Paper,History of the Lament, Robert Vodnoy,1974
8 Paper, Chronology of the History of Music in England, Robert Vodnoy, 1974
9 Paper, The History of the Motet in the 13th through 16th Centuries, Robert Vodnoy, n.d.
10 Paper, Gustar Mahler: Das Knaben Wunderhorn and his Symphonies, Robert Vodnoy, n.d.
11 Paper, Beethoven and Rhythm, Robert Vodnoy, n.d.
12 Paper, The Beginning of 20th Century Music, Robert Vodnoy, n.d.
13 Paper, Mozart Requiem: Notes and Analysis Recordare and Kyrie, Robert Vodnoy, n.d.
14-15 Dissertation,Tempo and Structure in Gustav Mahler's Symphony No. 5: A search for Unity, Continuity, and Organization, by Robert Vodnoy, 1993 (2 copies)
  16 Paper, “Orchestra Brass Instruments”, Robert Vodnoy, 1968
17 Paper, “ A General Discussion of Retouches in Schumann Symphonies with Special Attention to “Problems” in his Symphony III, 1973.
18 Paper (Draft), “Rythmic Patterns and Pitch Class sets as Consistnt Constructive Elements in the Musical Characterization of Marie in Alban Berg’s Wezzeck”, Robert Vodnoy, n.d.
  19 Paper, “Handel’s Messiah”, Robert Vodnoy, 1974
20 Paper, “Henry Purcell’s Dido and Aeneas”, Robert Vodnoy, 1966
21 Paper, “The Double Motets of J.S. Bach”, Roert Vodnoy, 1974
22 Robert Vodnoy, Photos and Letters from Musicians, April 1983
2 1 Programs, (2), Kalamazoo College and Trinity University, Suite for Solo Violin, Composed by Robert Vodnoy, 1991-1992
2 Composition, “For Sergiu Schwartz with Friendship”, Robert Vodnoy, n.d.
3 Program and Composition, Student Composer Concert, North Carolina School of the Arts, April 1968
4 Compositions, “Percussion Concussion”, Robert Vodnoy, n.d.
5 Composition, “Concerto Grusso in Aminor, Opus 1, Robert Vodnoy, May1, 1963
6 Composition, “Duet and Sonata for Violin and Cello”, Robert Vodnoy, n.d.
7 Composition, “Sonata for Violin and Piano”, Robert Vodnoy, 1966
8 Composition, “Never Deny Bread to Anyone Overture”, Robert Vodnoy, n.d.
9 Composition, “Suite for Solo Violin”, Robert Vodnoy, n.d.

Composition, “Bodzin-Vodnoy Wedding: Arranged by Vodnoy, 1983

  Series: Robert Vodnoy, Teaching Materials and Programs



Lecture notes and syllabi, Lake Michigan College, Robert Vodnoy, 1996-1997

Lecture material, Indiana University Northwest, “Music: Dialogues and Discoveries,” Series, Robert Vodnoy, 1996

13 Lecture Notes, “Mozart Marriage of Figaro”, Vodnoy, 1996
14 Class Notes, Albion College, Augmented Sixth Chords, Vodnoy, n.d.
15 Class notes, Krasi Art Center, Sights and Sounds, Jan. 8., 1997
16 Lecture notes, Russian Music, Rimsky-Korsikov and Shostakovich, n.d.
17 Booklet and flyers, Children’s Education, Where in the World is Maestro Don Diego? Teacher’s Guide, 1995
18 Programs and related materials, American International Youth Orchestra, China Trip, 2001
19 Program, The Nutcracker, 14th season, Youth Program, St. Mary College, 1992
20 Programs, various children’s programs, n.d.
21 Program, Indianapolis Ballet Theatre, Coppelia, Butler University, May 4, 1985
22 Program, Coppelia, Northwest Indiana Symphony, n.d.
23 Study guide, Stories in Music, Southwest Michigan Orchestra, Young People’s Concert, May 14, 2003
24 Script, Ludwig van Beagle and the Case of the Lost Baton, Southwest Michigan Symphony, Young People’s Concerts, May 1989.
25 Handbook, The Mary Elizabeth Hannah Children’s Concert Handbook, Northwest Indiana Symphony, April 26-30, 1991
26 Booklet, Poems to Remember the Symphony By ..., Mrs. Kelley’s Kids, Oak Hill School, Lowell, Indiana, n.d.
  Series: Robert Vodnoy, Guest Conductor
27 Program,Patrimonio Artistico de la Nacion, Orquesta Sinforaca de Maracabo, 1983
28 Program, Kalamazoo Symphony, The Nutcracker, Western Michigan University, Dec. 10, 1983
  29 Program, Bellevue Philharmonic, 31st Season, 1997-1998
30 Indiana University School of Music, Studio Opera, 1973
31 Correspondence, Sinfonica de San Remo, 1994-1995
3 1 Program, Robert Vodnoy, Guest Conductor, Seoul, Korea, 1990
2 Program, Robert Vodnoy, Guest Conductor, Taiwan, 1991
3 Program and related materials, New Year’s Eve concert, Hangzhou, China, Robert Vodnoy, Guest Conductor, 2001
4 Program, Lake Michigan College, Dedication and Open House, Robert Vodnoy conducting the Twin Cities Symphony, 1976
5 Program, St. Louis Philharmonic, Fourth Concert, May 1, 1975
6 Pamphlet, Erie Philharmonic, 1989-1990
7 Programs, Nashville Symphony Orchestra, Nutcracker, 1983
8 Program, Colorado Music Festival, A Salute to the Music of Frederick R. Loewe, July 3, 1994
9 Columbus Symphony Orchestra, 1986-1987 Season
10 Program, Westminster Subscription Series Concert 1, Bellevue Philharmonic, October 14-16, 1997
11 Program, Alberta Bair Theatre, Fascinating Rhythm, 1998-1999
12 Program, Jonkopings Symfoniorkester, 1994
13 Program, Summer with the Symphony, Whiting Park, 2003
14 Flyers, Summer with the Symphony, Whiting Park, 2002-2003 Season
15 Newsarticles, Whiting Park Festival Orchestra, 2003, 2007
  Series: Northwest Indiana Symphony Orchestra (NISO)
4 1 Flyers, Chaplin Entertainment information, 1994
2 Flyers, Holiday Pops, 1994
3 Speeches and Sheet Music, School Concert, 1992
4 Questionnaires, NISO Performances, 1994
5 Various, NISO Artists, 1996-1997
6 Various, Student Performances, 1995
7 Flyers, NISO Docents, 1995
8 Performance Information, The Lettermen, 1994
9 Programs, Jews and Jazz, 1990
10-28 Programs, NISO, Seasons, 1976-1996
  Series: Southwest Michigan Symphony Orchestra (SMSO)
29 Letters of recommendation for Robert Vodnoy, Southwest Michigan Symphony Orchestra, 1996
30-40 Programs, SMSO, (1992-2004)
41 Programs, Pops at the Beach, Summer Concert Series, 1998
42 Programs, Music at the Beach, Summer Concert Series, 2000
43 Program, Young Peoples Concerts, 1999
44-45 Newsletters, Sound Waves, 1998
46 Flyers, George Gershwin Celebration, n.d.
  47 Flyers, Mad About Orchestras, n.d.
48 Seminar notes, Music: Transforming the Models, 1997
49 Program notes, Passion and Drama, n.d.
50 Brochures, Fund Campaigns, 2000-2001, n.d.
  Series: Newsarticles
51 Newsarticles, Robert Vodnoy and Northwest Indiana Symphony Orchestra, 1992–
52 Newsarticles, Robert Vodnoy and Southwest Michigan Symphony Orchestra, 1991--
53 Newsarticles, Robert Vodnoy performing for children, 1995, 1998
54 Newsarticles, Reviews, 1994-1995
55 Newsarticles, Robert Vodnoy leaving Northwest Indiana Symphony Orchestra, 1995
  Series: Oversize
5   Score and related materials, Symphony in Colors, by Robert Vodnoy, 1963
6   Score and related materials, Never Deny Bread to Anyone or How Sir Student Amused the Merchant and Alarmed the Lady with his Fabulous Fable, by Robert Vodnoy, 1972
7   Score and related materials, Generations, by Robert Vodnoy, Dedicated to the Northwest Indiana Symphony Orchestra, 1996
8   Score and related materials, Warrior, by Robert Vodnoy, for the Southwest Michigan Symphony Orchestra,, 1997
Score, Bridges, by Robert Vodnoy, for the Southwest Michigan Symphony
Orchestra, on the occasion of the SWMSO’s Fiftieth Anniversary Season,
9   Score, Gopak, translated by Robert Vodnoy, n.d.
Scores, Unidentified, n.d.
10   Newspapers and newsarticles, for use in exhibits
    Oversize (Auxiliary Storage)
    Posters, (9), Northwest Indiana Symphony Orchestra, 1987-1990
    Posters, (13), Southwest Michigan Symphony Orchestra, 1996, 2000-2002
    Poster, (1), Concerta dell Orchestra Sinfonica di San Remo, n.d.
    Poster, (1), Cesky Narodni, Symphony Orchestra, 2000
    Pencil drawing, Robert Vodnoy, n.d.