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CRA006 -- Northwestern Indiana Regional Planning Commission Collection

CRA 006`: Maps | Subject Tracings


2.50 Linear Feet
March 1987
Revised June 1990
Revised June 1992
Revised 1993 (March, June)
Revised February 1994
Revised April 1995
Revised September 1996
Revised November 1997
Revised February 1998
Revised July 2002; July 2007

Box File Description
1 1 Historical Information, NIRPC, (1974-1985)
2 Annual Reports, NIRPC, (1968-1975)
3 Report, Short Range Program: Forecast Phase, 1970
4 Report, Comprehensive Regional Plan for Northwestern Indiana, 1977

Series: Transportation
Box File Description
1 5 Report Phase 1, Indiana State Work Program Development, 1974 National Transportation Study, 1972
6 Report, Railroad Train Volume and Track Inventory, Northwest Indiana Transportation Study, 1973
7 Report, Regional Parking Impact, Using Aerial Photography, Northwest Indiana Transportation Study, 1973
8 Report, Street Capability Analysis for Regional Planning, Northwest Indiana Transportation Study, 1973
9 Report, Traffic Control Devices Survey Procedure and Technical Report, 1973
10 Report, National Transportation Study, 1974
11 Report, Northwestern Indiana Origin Destination Survey Evaluation, 1974
12 Report, Technical Evaluation Recommended 1995 Transportation System in the Chicago-Gary Region, 1974
13 Report, Facilities Supply and Usage, 1970 Travel Characteristics, 1976
14 Report, Northwest Indiana Motor Vehicle Registration Inventory and Analysis, 1976
15 Report, Work Travel Analysis of Selected Small Areas, 1970 Travel Characteristics, 1976
16 Report, Summary of the Public Transit Development Program, Designed to Guide the Future of Public Transit for Northwestern Indiana, 1988
17 Report, Northwestern Indiana Regional Transportation Plan, 1989
17a Report, Borman Task Force, ca. 1985

Series: Population / Employment
Box File Description
1 18 Report, Extract of General Social and Economic Characteristics: Indiana, 1973
19 Report, Population and Employment Forecasts, 1980-2000, 1975
20 Report, Review of Published Population Forecasts for Northwestern Indiana, 1975
21 Report, Small Area Demographic and Employment Data for the Allocation of Regional Forecasts, 1975
22 Report, Review of Allocation Models for Population and Employment Forecasting, 1975
23 Report, Small Area Population and Employment Forecasts for Northwestern Indiana: Summary Report, 1975
24 Report, Small Area Population and Employment Forecasts for Northwestern Indiana: Statistical Report, 1975
25 Summary, Census, Population/Housing for Lake-Porter-LaPorte Counties, 1980
26 Report, Census of Population and Housing, Social and Economic Characteristics, Lake, Porter, LaPorte Counties, Indiana, 1980
27 Report, Census of Population and Housing, Social and Economic Characteristics for Selected Groups, Lake, Porter, LaPorte Counties Indiana, 1980
28 Report, Census of Population and Housing, Population Characteristics, Lake, Porter, LaPorte Counties, 1980
29 Report, Census of Population and Housing, Census Tracts, Gary-Hammond-East Chicago SMSA, 1980
29a Report, A Decade of Change, 1980-1990: Demographic Changes in Lake, Porter, and LaPorte Counties, Nov. 1992
29b Report, A Decade of Social and Economic Change, 1980-1990: Lake, Porter, and LaPorte Counties, Oct. 1994

Series: Housing
Box File Description
1 30 Reports, Housing Units in Northwestern Indiana, 1969-1972
31 Report, Housing, 1977
32 Report, Building Permits, Lake, Porter, and LaPorte Counties, 1980-1989, ca. 1990

Series: Economic Development
Box File Description
1 33 Report, Economic Development, 1975
34 Catalog, Data Resources for Economic Development, 1984
35 Report, Economic Diversification Potentials in Northwestern Indiana n.d.
2 1 Report, Annual Overall Economic Development Program, 1987

Series: Recreation
Box File Description
2 2 Reports, Open Space: The Regional Open Space Plan, 1972
3 Report, Spatial Development: Methods and Procedures for the 1975 Land Use Industry Update, 1975
4 Report, Spatial Development: Statistical Results of the 1975 Land Use Inventory Update, 1977

Series: Environment
Box File Description
2 5 Report, Environmental Resources Inventory, 1970
6 Report, Lake and Porter County Regional Master Plan for Sewer and Water, 1970
7 Report, Water and Wastewater: A Plan for Water and Sewer Development in the Lake-Porter Region Indiana, 1972
8 Brochure, Clearing the Air in Northwest Indiana: A Driving Solution to the Ozone Problem, n.d.
9 Resource Manual, Stream-Stewardship: How to Initiate a Successful High School Program, 1997
10 Brochure, Recycling Sites in Lake, Porter, and LaPorte Counties, n.d.
10a Directory, Northwest Indiana Regional Human Services Directory, 1971

Series: Reports -- Various
Box File Description
2 11 Report, Guide to Human Services, 1978
12 Report, Inventory of Minority Organizations in Northwestern Indiana, 1980
13 Report, Historic and Cultural Resources - The Region's Legacy n.d.
14 Report, The Industrial Heritage of Northwestern Indiana, 1974
15 Report, Regionalism, n.d.
16 Report, Government Revenue and Expenditure Procedure Manual and Technical Report, 1973
17-18 Report, 1979 Public Revenues and Expenditures, 1980
19 Report, The 90-91 Public Sector Agenda for Action, 1989
3 1 Directories, Elected Public Officials in Lake, Porter, and LaPorte Counties, (1977-1992)
2 Report, Communities' Goals Matrix, 1975
3 Brochure, Bikeways: A Guide to Municipal and Regional Bikeways in Northwestern Indiana, n.d.
4 Brochure, Industrial Heritage, n.d.
5 Brochure, Northwest Indiana Landmarks, n.d.
6 Brochure, Parks Guide, n.d.
7 Brochure, Publications Available from NIRPC, n.d.
8 Leaflet, Our Indiana Shoreline on Lake Michigan, 1991
9 Report, Regional Bikeways Plan for Northwest Indiana, 1994
10 Report, Access to Health Care and Human Service Facilities by Disadvantaged Individuals -- Lake, Porter, LaPorte Counties, 1990
11 Public Participation Plan for Northwest Indiana, 1994

Subject Tracings

  • Automobiles
  • Business / Industry
  • Cline Avenue Projects
  • Economic Development
  • Employment
  • Environment
  • Housing
  • Population
  • Railroads
  • Recreation
  • Regionalism
  • Regional Studies
  • Roads
  • Transportation