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CRA031 -- Terry Steagall Papers


7.25 Linear Feet
Revised February 1989
Revised September 1989
Revised November 1989
Revised May 1990
Revised October 1991
Revised July 1992
Revised February 1993
Revised May 1993
Revised March 1995
Revised June 1999
Revised April 2000
Revised March 2003

Series: Lever Brothers
Box Description
1 Newsletters, Suds and Stuff, Lever Brothers Hammond Plant, 1980-1981
Newsclippings, Lever Brothers Hammond Plant, 1979-1981
Booklet, Standards for Personal Conduct, Lever Brothers Hammond Plant, 1980
Notices, Lever Brothers Hammond Plant, 1979
Notices and Testimony, Lever Brothers Hammond Plant, Edible Shutdown, 1980-1982
Attendance Policy, Lever Brothers Hammond Plant, 1978
Service Rules, Lever Brothers Hammond Plant, 1952, 1976
Booklet, "Your Lever Security Package," ca. 1977
Data Sheets, Safety, ca. 1969
1 Overtime Rules, Lever Brothers Hammond Plant, 1977

Series: OCAW Local 7-336
Box Description
1 Minutes, Bromer Sessions, 1977
Minutes, OCAW L-336 Board Meetings, 1979-1980
Correspondence, Discharging of Help, 1930
Correspondence, Minority Hiring, October 8, 1979
Correspondence, Gas Plant OSHA Citation, December 1979
Correspondence, Office of Federal Contact Compliance Programs, 1979
Correspondence, Arbitrations, 1979-1980
Correspondence, Contract Re-opening, 1980
Correspondence, Cost of Living Adjustment, March 14, 1980
1 Correspondence, Candidate for Vice-President, OCAW Local 7-336, Terry Steagall, 1980
Correspondence, Indiana Plant Closing Legislation, 1981
Newsletter, "Voice of Solidarity," Local 7-336, 1981
Negotiations, Lever Brothers and Local 7-336, 1974-1981
Agreement, Lever Brothers and United Gas, Coke, and Chemical Workers of America, Local 336, 1953-1954
Agreements, Lever Brother and OCAWIU Local 7-336, (1964-1986)
Agreement, Supplements, 1980
Manual, Blue Book of Letters, 1979
Sample Ballots, Local 7-336, 1978-1979
Resolution, Kennedy for President, Local, 7-336, 1980
1 Manual, Apprenticeship Standards, 1979
Complaint, Violation of Occupational Health and Safety Act, Lever Brothers, 1980
Newsclippings, Strike at Lever Brothers Hammond Plant, 1981
Grievances, 1977-
Affidavit, Terry Steagall, 1980
Newsarticles, Lever Brothers/OCAW 7-336, 1991, 2000, 2007

Series: OCAWIU
Box Description
1 Correspondence and Agenda, District 7, OCAWIU, 1979
Memorandum, Educational Series, OCAW District, 7 1979
Correspondence, Soap Council, 1979
Memoranda, Lever Brothers Inter-union Council, OCAWIU and ICWU Locals, 1958, 1977-1978
Negotiation Proposal, Lever Brothers and International Chemical Workers Union, 1970 Constitutions, OCAWIU, (1973-1979)
Constitutions, OCAWIU, (1973-1979)
Fact Book, OCAWIU, 1974
Strike Manual, OCAWIU, 1976
Booklet, OCAWIU Union-Industry Pension Fund, 1978
1 Newsarticles, OCAW Local 7-1 (Amoco), (1984--)
Newsarticles, OCAW Local 7-210, 1990-1991
Correspondence, Viking Engineering Group, Local 7-210, 1976
2 Policy, Collective Bargaining, OCAWIU, 1978
Pamphlet, OCAWIU, ca. 1978
Press Release, OCAW Protests Iranian Treatment of Oil Workers, 1979
Resolutions, Fifteenth Constitutional Convention, OCAWIU, 1979
Campaign Materials, OCAWIU Offices, 1979, 1981
Notice, Proposed Settlement of Class Action, Female Employees vs. Lever Brothers and OCAW Local 217, Maryland, 1980
Fact Sheets, Various Issues, OCAWIU, ca. 1981
Pamphlet, "It's Your Right to Join the Union," OCAWIU, n.d.
Newsletter, "A Proud History--A Bold Vision for the 90s," OCAW Reporter, 1991

Series: Calumet Region Labor - Various
Box Description
2 Minutes, Lake County Central Labor Union, 1979-1980
Correspondence, Lake County Safety Council, 1979
Correspondence/Newsletters, Adam Benjamin, Jr., 1980-1981
Correspondence, Faberge Boycott, 1979-1980
Notice, Coalition of Labor Union Women, Northwest Indiana, 1979
Pamphlets, "Fighting Worker Labor Series," 1980-1981
Transcript, "The Oil Game," ABC News Closeup, 1982
Newsarticles, Teamsters Local and Agreement, 142, (1973-1976), 1989
Agreements, Lever Brothers and Other Locals, (1944-1965)
2 Constitution and By-Laws, United Soap, Glycerline and Edible Oil Workers Union, Local 18840, Hammond, 1944
Benefits Plan, Youngstown Steel Door Company, Hammond Plant, et al, 1972
Agreement and Newsarticles, Union Tank Car Co. Boilermakers Local 524, 1977, 1991--
Agreements, Meat Cutters Local 320, 1979-1982
Agreements, UAW Local 1122 and Budd Company, 1977
Newsarticles, I.U. Operating Engineers,Local 150,1990--
Newsarticles, Area Teachers Unions, 1990
Newsarticles, Boilermakers Local 374, 1991--
Newsarticle Series, "Union Focus," 1982 (various Calumet Region unions)
Newsarticle, Laborers Local 41, 1991

Series: United Steelworkers of America
Box Description
2 Campaign Materials, Jim Balanoff, USWA District 31 Candidate, 1981
Campaign Materials, Jack Parton, USWA District 31 Candidate, 1981
Newsarticles, USWA District 31 Director Election, 1981
Campaign Materials, John Bierman, USWA District 31 Candidate, 1985
Correspondence, John Bierman, District 31 Candidate, 1985
Campaign Materials, Jack Parton, District 31 Candidate, 1985
Correspondence, Jack Parton, District 31 Candidate, 1985
Campaign Materials, Alice Peurala, District 31 Candidate, 1985
Reports, Candidates for Nomination and Election to International Executive Board, 1985
2 List, Polling Places, District 31 Election, 1985
Mailing Lists, District 31 Election, 1985
Newsarticles, District 31 Election, 1985
Campaign Materials/Articles, Larry Regan, USWA District 31, 1989
Campaign Materials, Jack Parton, District 31, 1993
Campaign Materials, John Sako, District 31, 1993
Newsarticles, District 31 Election, 1993-1994
Campaign Materials, Terry Steagall, Griever, USWA Local 1010, 1994
Memoranda, Organizing USWA Local 1842, (Steelhaulers), 1985
Leaflet, Pullman-Standard Local 1834 Election, 1979
2 Newsarticles, USWA 3069 and LTV Gary Bar Division(Republic Engineered Steels), 1989--
Newsarticles, USWA 6103 and National Steel, 1982-1983, 1989-
Agreements, National Steel and USWA, 1977, 1980, 1989
Newsarticles, USWA 1053 and USWA 1957 (ACME Steel), 1989--
Newsarticles, USWA 1720 (Standard Forgings), 1989
3 Newsarticles, Wisconsin Steel-Steelworkers Lawsuit, 1989--
Membership List, USWA 2534, (Pullman-Standard), 1982
Newsarticle, United Paperworkers, 645 (Keyes Fibre), 1989
Newsarticle, USWA 5849 (AMG Resources), 1989
Agreements, Calumet Castings Corp. and USWA 3133, 1978-1981
Agreement, USWA Local 8838 and Unarco-Leavitt, n.d.
Agreement, USWA Local 4147 and BI Weller Co.,1974-1977
Agreements, USWA Local 3642 and Champion Commercial Industries, 1974-1980
Agreement, USWA Local 8324 and Stanray Corp.,1972-1974
3 Agreement, USWA Local 8838-02 and Cargill Steel and Wire, 1989; USWA Local 3127-16, 1992
Agreement, USWA Local 1091 and Allis Chalmers, 1977
Newsarticles, USWA Subdistrict 7 and Continental Can (Portage), 1991--
Newsarticles, U.S. Gypsum workers and USWA, 1990
Leaflets/Articles, Workers Memorial Day/Injured Workers, 1989
Newsletters, "Craftsmen's Corners," 1985, (1988--)
Safety Meetings, Central Mechanical Maintenance, 1983-1984
Communications, Inland Steel and USWA Local 1010, (1982-1989--)

Series: Calumet Region Industries
Box Description
3 Newsclippings, Blaw-Knox Foundry, 1984, 1989
Newsclippings, Budd Co. Plant, Gary, 1982-1989
Newsarticles, McGill Manufacturing Co., 1989--
Newsarticles, Steel Technologies, Portage, 1989--
Newsarticles, Viking Engineering, 1989--
Apprenticeship Standards, Viking Engineering, 1974
Newsarticle, Westinghouse Electric, Hobart, 1989
Newsarticle, Worthington Steel Co., 1989
Newsarticles, Railroads, 1985, 1989
3 Annual Reports, Trinity Industries (Standard Forgings), 1989
Newsarticles, Keil Chemical Co., 1990
Newsarticles, DuPont Denemeurs and Co., 1990
Newsarticles, Beta Steel, 1990
Newsarticles, Quanex LaSalle Steel, 1990
Newsarticles, Urschel Labs, 1990
Newsarticles, Robinson Steel, 1990
Newsarticles, Harbison-Walker Refractories, 1990
Newsarticles, Applewood Farms, 1991
Newsarticles, Mid-Continental Coal and Coke, 1991
3 Newsarticles, Rhone-Poulenc, 1991--
Newsarticles, Republic Steel Corporation, 1983
Newsarticles, E.C.I. Refinery, (1980-1993)
Newsarticles, Americontainer, 1991
Newsarticles, American National Can, 1993
Newsarticles, National Recovery Systems, 1993
Newsarticles, H & H Auto Recycling Fire, 1993
Newsarticles, Pollution Control Industries,(PCI),1993-
Newsarticles, Graycor, 1994
Newsarticles, MB Manufacturing, 1993
3 Newsarticles, SONAS, 1993
Newsarticles, Columbia Pipe and Supply, 1993

Series: Plant Closings
Box Description
3 Reports/Articles, Plant Closings, Local/National, 1979-1984, 1989-1990
Reports, OCAWIU Plant Shutdowns, 1979, 1983
Reports, U.S. Oil Industry and Workers, OCAWIU, 1981, 1983
Correspondence, Citizens Action Coalition Save Our Jobs Campaign, 1980-1982
Bills, Plant Closing, U.S. Congress, 1980-1983
Bill, S.B. 451 Plant Closings, 1981
Bill, S.B. 10, Plant Closings, 1981-1982
Bill, S.B. 436, Plant Closings, 1983
Testimony and Reports, Indiana Plant Closing Study Group, 1981-1982
4 Survey Results, Plant Closing Survey, 1982
Studies, Employment/Unemployment in Northwest Indiana, (1981-1984)
Study, Perspectives on Plant Closings, Indiana University, 1981
Reports/Articles, Enterprise Zone, 1981-1982
Reports, Calumet Area Economic Development Project, ca. 1982
Newsarticles, Energy Cooperative, Inc. (ECI) Closing, 1982-1983
Newsarticles, Pullman-Standard Closing, 1982-1983
Transcript, Corporate Responsibility: People and Profits, 1983
Study, Evansville Economic Development, 1983
4 Reports/Articles, GATX Plant, Closing, 1983-1984
Packet, Indiana University Plant Closing Conference, 1983
Newsarticles, Wisconsin Steel Closing, 1983, 1990--
Reports, Calumet Early Warning Committee, United Citizens Organization and MCLR, 1984
Program, The Future of Railroad Equipment Manufacturing in Northwest Indiana, 1984
Newsarticle, Stratojac Corp., 1985
Newsarticle, USS Tube Works Closing, 1985
Report, Preventing Plant Closings in Northwest Indiana: A Public Policy Program for Action, November 1989
Newsarticle, Inland Refractories Closing, 1990
Newsarticle, Marblehead Lime Closing, 1991

Series: Midwest Center for Labor Research
Box Description
4 General Information, Midwest Center for Labor Research, ca. 1987
By-Laws, MCLR, 1982-1989
Board Minutes and Related Materials, MCLR, (1984--)
Annual Report, MCLR, 1987-1988
Labor Research Review, 1982-1983
Labor Research Review, Nos. 4-11
Labor Research Review, 12-14, 18
MCLR Working Papers, 1 and 2
Paper, E.J. Brach: A Misadventure in Candy Land, 1994

Series: Steel Industry
Box Description
4 Articles, Steel Industry from 1850-1970
Article, Economic History of Steel Industry in the US, 1946-1971
Report, Economics of International Steel Trade, 1977
Excerpt, "The Steel Industry" in The Structure of American Industry, by Walter Adams, 1977
Report, The Economic Implications of Foreign Steel Pricing Practices in the U.S. Market, 1978
Report, Steel Industry Economics: A Comparative Analysis of Structure, Conduct, and Performance, 1978
Report, An Overview of the US Steel Industry, ca. 1978
Paper, Steel Industry Productivity Growth: The Japanese Experience and Policy Implications for the United States, 1979
Report, American Steel Industry, Workers and Communities, 1980
4 Article, Characterization of New Technologies, 1980
Report, Public Policy and Steel, 1980
Excerpt, "Steel," in Collective Bargaining: Contemporary American Experience, 1980
Report, Steel at the Crossroads: The American Steel Industry in the 1980s, 1980
Article, The Steel Dumping Issue in Recent US-Japanese Relations, 1980
Report, Technology and Steel Industry Competitiveness, 1980
Report, Environmental Policy for the 1980s, 1981
5 Paper, Import Restraints and Re-industrialization: The Case of the U.S. Steel Industry, 1981
Report, Japan-U.S. Economic Relations, 1981
Testimony, Lloyd McBride-On Consumer Price Index-Budget Cuts, December 8, 1981
Paper, Productivity in the American Steel Industry,1981
Speech, "Remarks before the Advisory Council on Japan-U.S. Economic Relations," Edmund Ayoub, USWA, 1981
Report, Steel at the Crossroads: One Year Later, 1981
Paper, Steel in the 1980s: Economic Outlook, Markets, and Facilities, 1981
Report, Steel In The Seventies, February 10, 1981
Report, The Steel Industry, 1981
Critique, Steel Industry-Recurrent Crisis, August 17, 1981
5 Article, Steelmaking In The Future, 1981
Article, Steel Industry's Future, 1981
Bibliography, Steel, 1981
Report, U.S. Steel Beginning To See A Turnaround, 1981
Report, U.S. Steel Industry-Crisis, July 21, 1981
Report, Assisted Worksharing As An Alternative To Layoffs-Canadian Experience, 1982
Article, Heavy Metal, March, 1982
Study, Major Mills In United States-European Community Japan, April, 1982
Report, Question-Answers, Japanese Steel Industry, July, 1982
Report, State Of Steel, IUN Labor Studies, 1982
5 Report, Steel Import Restraint Agreement, 1982
Quarterly Reviews, Steel Industry, 1982-1983
Congressional Research, Steel Industry Bibliography 1969, January 28, 1982
Article, Steel Mill That Only Workers Can Rescue, March, 1982
Report, Steel Pig Iron Report, December, 1982
Bills and Newsarticles, Steel Quotas, 1982-1984, 1989
Report, Basic Steel Agreement, 1983
Reports, Congressional Steel Caucus, 1983
Report, A Community Plan To Save Pittsburgh's Steel Industry, ca. 1983
Articles, Steel Reshaping Domestic Steel, 1984
5 Report, Confronting the Crisis in Steel, Steelabor, January 1986
Report, Gainsharing, March 23, 1987
Analyses, Steel Industry, 1987
Reports, Steel Industry Updates, 1992--
Article, Steel "The Corporation", n.d.
Article, Acquisitions Of United States Steel Corporation Since 1939-1949, n.d.
Article, Steel Guns and War Machines, n.d.
Report, Steel, Impact of Changing Technology, n.d.
Testimony, Steel Industry, n.d.
Article, United States Steel Corporation, n.d.
Report, Restructuring of American Steel, 1998
5 Newsarticles, Lafayette Subaru Plant and Steel Mills, 1989
Newsarticles, Steel Industry, (1982--)

Series: Labor -- General
Box Description
5 Report, Deregulating Workers' Health, October, 1981
Resource Manual, Labor History From 1932, 1981
Resource Manual, Impact of New Technology On Our Jobs, 1982
Resource Manual, Labor And The Economy, ca. 1982
Report, "Confronting The Crisis: The Challenge For Labor", 1985
Resource Manual, Seminar In Contemporary Labor Problems, 1986
Resource Manual, Seminar In Collecting Bargaining, 1987
Report, Steel The Implications Of Gainsharing, January, 1988
Report, Worker's Compensation In Indiana, n.d.

Series: Grievance, Machine Shop, Inland Steel
Box Description
5 Contracting-Out Committee, Minutes, 1986
Reports, Union Contracting Out Committee, 1986
Assigned Maintenance Agreement, ca. 1986
Information Provided By The Company On Work Contracted Out, 1986
Information On-Contracting Out, Letter On Contracting Out, 1986
Memorandum Of Understanding Concerning The Shortage of Journeyman Electricians, 1986
Joint Contracting Out Committee Discussion Concerning The No. 1 Slab Caster Facility Improvements Program, 1987
Contract Language, 1983
Oral Grievance Reports, 1983
5 Pump Shop Jobs, 1984
Shop Orders Contracted-Out By The Machine Shop, 1984-1986
Contracted Out Shop Orders, 1985
Air Tool Repair Work Contracted-Out By The Company, 1986
Grievance Report, 1986
Mobil Equipment Grievances, 1986
Grievances On Contracting-Out, 1986
Machine Shop Contracting-Out MS-85-13, MS-86-15, MS-86-16, FR-86-2, MS-86-22, 1986
Affidavits, 1986
Shop Services Refrigeration Sequence Employee, Grievants, GR. No. 20-R-82, August 6, 1985, 1986
5 Oral Complaint Discussion With Foreman, 1986
Machine Shop MS-86-38 - 20-S-13 Crew Size, 1986
Machine Shop MS-86-39 - 20-5-10 Contracting-Out Notification Of Tool Guide, 1986
Tool Grinding, 1975
1/2 Cold Strip Contracting-Out Grievances, 1986
Attendance Policy-Grievance-Grievance #20 S-12, 1986-1987
6 Arbitration Awards, 1987-1990
NLRB Cases, 1985
NLRB Cases Reports, 13-CA-24092, 13-CA-27656, 13-CA-24107, 8-CA-17653, 1985
NLRB Charge Case No. 13- A-25826, 1986
NLRB Case No. 13-CA-25826, 1986
NLRB Charge Case No. 13-CA-25826, Failure To Provide Information To Enforce CBA, 1986
NLRB Charge Case No. 13-CA-25826, Letter To Schmellings, May 13, 1986
NLRB Charge Case No. 13-CA-25826, Letter To Miller, June 9, 1986
NLRB Charge Case No. 13-CA-25826, Letter To Miller, April 30, 1986
NLRB Charge Case No. 13-CA-26092, Blacksmith Shop
6 NLRB Case No. 13-CA-27655, USWA Local Union 1010 And Inland Steel Company, April 4, 1988
Agreements, Filling Motor Inspector Vacancies,1987,1990
Agreements, Plant No. 1 Machine Shop, 1984
Memoranda/Reports, TQE, 1992
Manual, Bargaining Unit Managers, Shop Services Machinists, 1992

Series: Pollution in Northwest Indiana
Box Description
6 Report, Inspection of American Chemical Services, 1980
Correspondence and Reports, American Chemical Services Site, 1983-1988, 1991
Mailings, Grand Calumet Task Force, 1984--
Testimony, Hazardous Waste Disposal, 1982
Text, Hazardous Waste Disposal Act, P.L.95, 1985
Amendments, Hazardous Waste Disposal Act, 1981
List, Hazardous Waste Dumpsites, 1982
Reports, Hazardous Waste Management in Indiana, Citizens for a Better Environment, 1984
Minutes, Indiana Environmental Policy Commission,1984
6 Testimony, Before the Indiana Environmental Policy Commission, 1984
Correspondence/Report, Indiana Harbor Ship Canal, 1977-1983
Correspondence, Pazmay Corporation, 1983
Correspondence, Sen. Ralph Potesta, 1983
Bills, Right-to-Know Laws, Indiana, 1983-1984
Memoranda and Reports, Toxic Action Project, 1983-1984
Newsletters, Toxic Action Project, 1983-1984
Testimony, Before the Water Quality Commission, 1984
Newsarticles, Lake Dalecarlia, 1982
Newsarticles, Lead in Region, 1985
6 Newsarticles, Pollution in Northwest Indiana (Air, Water, Toxics, Hazardous Waste, Landfills,1978,(1983--)

Series: Other Industry
Box Description
7 Agreements, Various Chemical Manufacturers and Locals, (1955-1979)
Constitution, International Chemical Workers Union, 1980
Printed Materials, National Chemical Companies/Unions, 1976-1978
Historical Information, Unilever, (1974-1985)

Series: USS Pipeline
Box Description
7 Town of Griffith, Contribution Letter, 1984
Griffith Research and Assistance Fund, 1984
Griffith Town Board Findings of Facts, Rejecting US Steel Pipeline Petition, 1984
USS Pipeline Information Packet, 1984-1985
National Transportation Safety Board, Pipeline Accident Report, 1982
Annual Report, USS, 1983
ANR--Bethlehem Steel, 1984
Foreign Pipeline Intervention in the United States, n.d.
U.S. Supreme Court Decision, Eastern Pipeline vs. Public Service Commission of Indiana, 1947,1951
7 Map of Griffith, n.d.
Report, Need to Assess Federal Role in Regulating and Enforcing Pipeline Safety, 1984
Pipeline Safety Regulations, 1982
Precinct Committeeman, Griffith, n.d.
Mailing list, USS Pipeline Press Release, n.d.
Petitions, USS Pipeline, 1983-1984
Steel Industry Pipeline, 1985-1986
Estimates on rate increases with pipeline, NIPSCO,1984
USS Rate case, 1984
Petition protesting weed/rat problem on EJ&E, n.d.
7 Notes, USS pipeline, n.d.
National Transportation Safety Board, Pipeline Accident Report, 1983
Press release, Griffith Citizens' Against the USS Pipeline, 1984
Brochure, Gary Works Natural Gas Pipeline, n.d.
Newsarticle, The Deregulation Route, n.d.
Newsarticle, USS Pipeline, 1984
Newsarticles, ANR Pipeline, 1993-1994
Newsarticles, Rev. Jack Hyles, 1989--
Campaign Materials, James Balanoff, Hammond City Council, 1983
Campaign Materials, Floyd Fithian for U.S. Senate, 1982
7 Newsarticles, Asbestos in the Calumet Region,1983-1984
By-laws, Griffith Democratic Club, 1980
Newsarticles, Casinos in northwest Indiana, 1993--

Series: Oversize
Programs, Lever Brothers Hammond Plant Bar Soap Plant Commissioning, 1980
Newsletters, Lever Standard, 1979-1981
OCAWIU Union News, (1978-1981)
Map, Lever Brothers Hammond Plant, n.d.
Films, (2), Taylor Chain I and II (Stored in CRA Video Collection)

Subject Tracings

  • ACME Steel
  • American National Can
  • Americontainer
  • Asbestos
  • Balanoff, James
  • Benjamin, Adam, Jr.
  • Beta Steel
  • Blaw-Knox Foundry
  • Budd Company
  • Calumet Project for Industrial Jobs
  • Casinos
  • Coalition of Labor Union Women
  • Collective Bargaining
  • Columbia Pipe and Supply
  • DuPont Denemaurs and Co.
  • East Chicago, Indiana
  • E.C.I. Refinery
  • Employment, Economic Theory
  • Fithian, Floyd
  • General American Transportation Corp. (GATX)
  • Grand Calumet River
  • Graycor
  • Griffith, Indiana
  • Hammond, Indiana
  • Harbison-Walker Refractories
  • Hazardous Waste
  • Hyles, Jack, Rev.
  • Indiana Harbor Ship Canal
  • Industry
  • Inland Steel Company
  • Keil Chemical Co.
  • Labor
  • Lake County Central Labor Union
  • Lake County Safety Council
  • Lever Brothers Company
  • MB Manufacturing
  • McGill Manufacturing Company
  • Midwest Center for Labor Research
  • Midwest Steel Corp.
  • National Recovery Systems
  • Northern Indiana Public Service Company (NIPSCO)
  • Oil, Chemical, and Atomic Workers International Union Local 7-336
  • Oil Workers
  • Pipelines
  • Plant Shutdowns
  • Pollution
  • Pollution Control Industries
  • Plant Closings
  • Pullman-Standard
  • Quanex LaSalle Steel
  • Railroads
  • Republic Steel Corporation
  • Robinson Steel
  • Standard Forgings
  • Steel
  • Steel Technologies
  • Strikes
  • Taylor Chain Company
  • Unemployment
  • United Steelworkers of America
  • Urschel Laboratories
  • United States Steel Corp.
  • Viking Engineering
  • Wisconsin Steel
  • Women
  • Worthington Steel Co.