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CRA041 -- U.S. Steel Corporation Collection - Preliminary Inventory


4.25 Linear Feet
Revised December 1989
Revised 1991 (March, June, November)
Revised February 1992
Revised March 1993
Revised May 1994
Revised 1995 (March, November)
Revised September 1996
Revised 1997 (January, September)
Revised June 1999
Revised July 2002; February 2007; Sept. 2008

Box Description
1 Brochures / Pamphlets, Gary Works, (1928-1990)
Typescript, Dates in Gary Works' history, n.d.
Booklet, Gary Steel Works 50th Anniversary, 1956
Journal, Blast Furnace and Steel Plant, (featuring USS Gary Works), 1937
Newsarticle, "Carnegie-Illinois Goes Out, U.S. Steel Company Bows In," January 1, Post-Tribune, December 30, 1950
Newsletter, Gary Works Today, November 1988
Newsletter, APEX, October 1988
Newsletter, Images, 1993--
Magazine, USS Gary Works, 1999 --
Ledger, Cement Shipments, June-November, 1906
Booklet, Blast Furnace Lines, Gary Works, 1908-1919
Correspondence, Auditor, Illinois Steel Company, 1908
Contract, American Bridge Company and Indiana Steel Company, 1909
Specifications, Indiana Steel Company, Hospital, Doors / Windows, 1909
Program, Sixth Annual Labor Day Industrial Track and Field Meet, 1919
Leaflet, Plan of Formation, Victory Day Parade, Illinois Steel Company, April 26, 1919
1 Time Books, U.S. Steel Gary Works, 1911-1929
Notice, Employee Representation Plan and "Outside Unions," 1936
Pamphlet, Reinstatement of Employees after Military Service, 1945
Address, "Gary's Principles of Progress," 1958
Address, Thomas C. Graham, USS, 1989
Testimony, W. Bruce Thomas, Chief Financial Officer, USS, 1984
Brochure, Job Search Assistance Center, ca. 1984
Obituary, Frederick Austin Dudderer, 1985
Bulletin, Plant Rules for Motor Vehicles, n.d.
Telephone Directory, Gary Steel Works and Joliet Coke Plant, 1956
Management's Bulletin Board, 1956
Booklet, United States Steel 1962 Non-Contributory Pension Rules, 1962
Booklet, Supplemental Unemployment Benefit Plan, 1977
Annual Report, W.P. Gleason Welfare Center, Gary, 1929

Series: Sheet and Tin Mill
Box Description
2 Pamphlets, Gary Sheet and Tin Mill, (1953-1967), n.d.
Correspondence, Annealing Process, American Sheet and Tin Plate Company, 1914
Newsletter, Globe Trotter, Gary Sheet and Tin Accounting Department December 1944
Notes, Various, A.S. Drake, Engineering Department (1956-1967)
Facilities Review, Gary Sheet and Tin Mill, 1962
Statistical Data, Gary Sheet and Tin Mill, 1965
Instructions, Telephone Operators in Civil Defense Plan, 1968
Brochure, Intermediate Gauge Galvanizing and Aluminum Coating Line, Gary Sheet and Tin Mill, n.d.
Book, Romancing in Tin Plate, 1951
Books, Electrolytic Tin Plate and Strip Finishing, 1959, 1962
Album, Bill Irvin Retirement Banquet, 1950
Album, C.A. Ferguson Retirement Banquet, 1952
Album, Gary Sheet and Tin Mill, Presented to Soviet Delegation, 1958
3 Reports, GIST, Gary Sheet and Tin, 1954-1955
Reports, GIST, 1955-1960
Contract, Gary Land Company, Dirt Spreading, 1909
Newsarticles, Gary Land Company Building, 1978, 1984
Abstract of Title, 1340 Carolina Street, (1934-1952)

Series: USS National
Box Description
3 Booklet, Growing with America - Carnegie Illinois Steel Corporation, 1948
Booklet, Steelmaking in America, 1949
Book, Steel Serves the Nation, 1901-1951: The Fifty Year Story of United States Steel, 1951
Anniversary Issue, U.S. Steel News Golden Anniversary, 1951
Booklet, Growing with America - United States Steel, 1954
Booklet, "The World of Steel", 1958
Booklet, "This is Steel", 1965
4 Booklet, Twenty-Fifth Anniversary, United States Steel Corporation, 1926
U.S. Steel News, (1936-1962), 1966-1967, 1973-1978, 1981
Charting Steel's Progress, 1957
Newsletter, The U.S. Steel Quarterly, May 1974
Brochure, "Steel Imports: A Threat to the American Economy", 1977
Newsarticles, Gary Works / USS, ca. 1942, 1964-1965, 1975-1976, 1979--
Reports to Stockholders, 1982-1987
Communications, USS to Employees, 1982
Calendar, USS Sheet Products, 1982
Report, United States Steel and the Environment, 1980
Pamphlet, The One Leaf Story of Steel, 1975
Booklet, "The Iron Key", 1957
Biographical Sketch, David M. Roderick, 1993
Brochure, Basic Facts About U.S. Steel, 1973
Annual Reports, USS / USX, 1965-1966, 1972-1980, (1982-1991)
Report, USS Gary Works Discover Phase Results, 1999
Report, Plant Quality System Audit Results, 1999
Photographs, (3), Gary Works Bicentennial Open House, 1976
5 U.S. Steel News, Sept. 1942, 1984-1986, 2006
USS Today, June 1986
The Steel Sheet, 1970-1977
Steel Reel, 2005--
Contract Ledger Sheet, 1911
Construction Figures, Gary Land Company, 1913
Pamphlet, Bicentennial Open House, 1976
Etching, Gary Works Circle, n.d.
Booklet, Steel in the War, 1945

Series: Oversize
Drawing, Basic Oxygen Furnaces, USS Gary Works, n.d.
Newsarticles, "From Worst to First," The Times, November 26, 1992
Drawings, 160/210 Plate Mill Column Layout, n.d.
Drawings, 46" Mill, Billet Mills Plant Area Plan,1974
Drawings, Rail Mill/40" Blooming Mill Foundations,1939
Drawings, Ore Bridge No. 6, Winter Repairs, 1978-79
Drawings, Open Hearth No. 4, Repairs to Jib Crane Columns, 1962
Map, (1), Gary Works Receiving Truck Routes, 1997

Original artwork, Gary Works Circle logo, by Arthur Hungelmann, nd--located in Aux Storage

Series: Video (Housed in CRA Video Collection)
Videotape, (1), USS Gary Works, 1988

Subject Tracings

  • Gary
  • Gary Sheet and Tin Mill
  • Gary Works
  • Industry
  • Steel
  • United States Steel Corporation