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CRA069 -- Gary Neighborhood House Records


February 2004
2.5 Linear Foot


The Gary Neighborhood House Records were deposited in the Calumet Regional Archives on May 7, 1974.

Property rights in the collection are held by the Calumet Regional Archives. Literary rights are dedicated to the public.

Linear feet of shelf space: 2.50 linear feet
Number of containers: 4
Calumet Regional Archives Collection 069
Processed by: Peg Schoon
Date: February, 2004

Scope And Content

Gary Neighborhood House was a settlement house begun under the auspices of the Presbyterian church in 1909. The records include a few short histories of the first twenty years and several first person narratives of the activities. There is a fairly comprehensive series of minutes from the Board of Directors from 1913 to 1947, with scattered later years, as well as some annual reports. Social justice movements, rather than help for individuals and families are reflected in the later program material. Photographs document activities for the first 50 years and lay emphasis on the change in clientele from Eastern European immigrants to Mexican immigrants, to African Americans.

Other collections which may be of interest to the researcher include the Charles Pandorf Papers (CRA 245) which contain a few photographs of activities from 1922-1923 as well as a clear exterior view of the building and the papers of the Reverend William Brooks (CRA 295), who was director of Gary Neighborhood House from 1962 until 1968.

Those interested in other settlement house work in Gary may want to check the Gary-Alerding Settlement House Collection (CRA 39), the International Institute of Northwest Indiana Records (CRA 102), and the Raymond A. Mohl Papers (CRA 242).

Historical Sketch

Gary Neighborhood House was the first settlement house in Gary, begun in 1909 under the auspices of the Home Missions Committee of the Presbyterian Synod of Indiana by Kate and Jane Williams. It started with a kindergarten class for immigrant children in a portable building at 14th and Washington. The Reverend B. M. Baligrodski and his sister joined the staff in 1910, and the activities were moved to a frame building at 1525 Washington.

While Sunday School and Bible classes were always important parts of the programs, practical welfare needs were also addressed. Home visitation was an early feature, with an emphasis on improving health and sanitation. Sewing lessons, English classes, a library, employment assistance, and a nursery were mainstays. Laundry facilities and public baths were available to families who had no running water.

In 1912 Gary Neighborhood House moved to its permanent home at 1700 Adams, and the building was expanded in 1916. It included day and night nurseries for children of working mothers, living quarters for the staff, and rooms for newly-arrived immigrants. There was space enough for educational and social activities for all ages.

Later years found more emphasis on social justice programs. Gary Neighborhood House closed in 1973 for lack of funding.

Box File Description
1 1 Pamphlet, "History of Gary Neighborhood House", ca. 1916
2 Pamphlet, "Twenty Years of Neighborliness", ca. 1929
3 Booklet, "Twenty Years of Neighborliness", ca 1929
4 Letter, To Miss Williams, from Nettie A. Beppler, regarding kindergarten, Sunday School, home calls, May 28, 1909
5 Typescript, Narrative description of Gary Neighborhood House and its work, by Grace Mary Warmington, n.d. (Published in The Missionary News, June, 1910)
6 Letter and transcription, Reminiscences of a Gary Neighborhood House neighbor, with commentary on the staff and programs ca. 1908-1919, by Br. Vincent Zvingilas, MIC, March 6, 1973
7 Typescript, "1909-1969, Sixty Years of Progress", with transcription of 1956 Gary Golden Jubilee article, Helen Fields, ca 1969
8 Excerpt, case workers' report, n.d.
9 By-laws, Governing Committee of Gary Neighborhood House, 1922
1 10 By-laws, Gary Neighborhood House Board of Directors, n.d.
11 Minute book, Synod Joint Committee and Governing Board of the Gary Neighborhood House, October, 1913 - September, 1936
12-13 Minutes, Board of Directors, 1937-1947
14 Minutes, Board of Directors, 1964, 1967
15 Minutes, Proposed Plan for Christian Education with Adults, 1964-1965
16 Directory, Gary Neighborhood House Board of Directors, n.d.
17 Annual reports, Eleventh Annual Report of the Superintendent, April 1, 1920; April 1, 1938 - April 1, 1939
18 Annual reports, Gary Neighborhood House, 1962-1964, 1966
19 Annual reports, Gary Neighborhood House, 1968-1970
20 Pamphlet, "Facts and Figures That Fascinate", n.d.

Series: Programs
Box File Description
1 21 Invitation and program, Annual Exhibit Night, May 5, 1921
22 Record book, Daily schedule of activities, February 22, 1960 - September 30, 1961
23 Report, Summer Service Project, 1968
24 Articles of Incorporation, Neighborhood Action Institute, 1968
25 Fact sheet, Neighborhood Action Institute, n.d.
26 Various, Project Justice and Equality, (1970-1971)

Series: Programs -- Metro Corps of Gary
Box File Description
1 27 Proposal, Metro Corps of Gary, 1969
28 Proposal, Community Service Centers, 1967
29 Proposal and job descriptions, Training-Planning Committee, 1969
30 Report, Streets Work Program, 1969
31 Proposal, Co-operative Technical Assistance Program, 1970-1971
32 Report, Community Service Centers Administration, 1970-1971
33 Report, Staff training, 1970-1971
34 Various, CAA Planning, 1970-1971
35 Job descriptions, 1970-1971

Series: Programs -- VISTA
Box File Description
1 36 Project summary, n.d.
37 Program guidelines, n.d.
38 Personnel files, VISTA volunteers, (1967-1971)
39 Volunteer reports, (1968-1969)
40 Correspondence, (1968-1972)
41 Proposal guidelines, 1972

Series: Financial Records
Box File Description
1 42 Income and expense budgets, September & October, 1939; October - December, 1946; January - September, 1947
43 Bank deposit slips, 1947, 1948
44 Bank statements, Gary National Bank, (1950-1951)
45 Miscellaneous financial records, 1950
46 Income and expense budgets, September, October, 1951
47 Bank statements, Gary Trust and Savings Bank, (1951)
48 Miscellaneous financial records, (1952-1954); (1960-1964)
49-50 General ledger, 1952-1953

Series: Various
Box File Description
1 51 Lists, Names and addresses, n.d.
52 Job description, Children's worker, n.d.
53 List, Inventory for 1425 Washington, n.d.
54 Forms, Children's Individual Records, 1956-1961
55 Correspondence, Miscellaneous, (1964-1973)
56 Reports, Staff activity, 1971
57 Press release, Regarding death of Raymond Welch, May 12, 1971
2 1 Letter, Regarding Anti-Poverty Program, United Fund of Greater Gary, 1964
2 Petition, Citizens Demands of NIPSCO, 1970
3 Various, Marona House, (1970-1971)
4 Letter, Women's International League for Peace and Freedom, Gary-Calumet Chapter, May 13, 1971
5 Letter, Minority Businessmen's Steering Committee, 1972
6 Press release, United Youth of Gary, n.d.
7 Various, Independent Union of Welfare Employees, 1966
8 Various, Scholarship, Education and Defense Fund for Racial Equality, (1968-1970)
9 Various, National Welfare Rights Organization, (National Black Political Convention, 1972), (1969-1972)
2 10 Various, Black liberation, (1969-1971)
11 Various, Anti-Vietnam War materials, (1971-1972)
12 Booklet, Annual Report, Home Mission Committee, Synod of Indiana, 1912
13 Booklet, "The Gary Plan of Church Schools" by Walter Albion Squires, n.d.
14 Tract, "I Woke Up Singing This Morning", by Rev. W. Bryan-Brown, n.d.
15 Booklets, (4), Religious stories for children, 1948, 1952, 1955
16 Book, The Methodist Hymnal, ca. 1939
17 Periodical, The Missionary News, vol. 2, no. 3, June, 1914
18 Article, "The Newest Steel City" by Graham Romeyn Taylor, in The Survey, April 3, 1909
19 Article, "Gary" (Satellite Cities series), by Graham Romeyn Taylor, in The Survey, vol. xxix, no. 22, March 1, 1913
2 20 Article, "Gary-A Creation" by Charles Pierce Burton, in The Independent, February 16, 1911
21 Newsclipping, "South Side Mission", ca. 1911
22 Newsarticle, "Summer Service Reaches Gary", Gary Post-Tribune, March 6, 1971
23 Newsarticles, Neighborhood House Nursery School, 1972
23a Newsarticle, "Neighborhood House Started by 2 Sisters," no ID, n.d.

Oversized (shelved with collection)
Newspaper, The Welfare Righter, vol. 1, no. 3, April-May 1969
Newspaper, The Black Panther, vol. VII, no. 2, September 4, 1971

Subject Tracings
  • Black Panthers
  • Ethnic groups
  • Gary Neighborhood House
  • Independent Union of Welfare Employees
  • Marona House
  • Metro Corps of Gary
  • Minority Businessman's Steering Committee
  • National Black Political Convention, 1972
  • National Welfare Rights Organization
  • Neighborhood Action Institute
  • Northern Indiana Public Service Company
  • Presbyterian Church. Missions.
  • Project Justice and Equality
  • Scholarship, Education and Defense Fund for Racial Equity
  • Settlement houses
  • United Youth of Gary
  • Vietnamese Conflict, 1961-1975
  • Women's International League for Peace and Freedom