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CRA130 -- Gary Kiwanis Club Records


2.50 Linear Feet
April 1990


The Gary Kiwanis Club records were donated by Mr. William Lieber on December 14, 1982.

Property rights of the Records are held by the Calumet Regional Archives; literary rights are dedicated to the public. There are no restrictions on access to the collection.

Linear feet of shelf space: 2.50 linear feet
Number of containers: 3 boxes
Calumet Regional Archives Collection 130
Processed by: Eileen Cvitkovich
Date: April, 1990

Scope and Content

The records document the history and life of the Gary Kiwanis Club from its founding in 1921 to the year 1976, when it is believed to have disbanded. Some of the records included in the collection are the original minutes of the Gary Kiwanis meetings, monthly reports, financial records, scholarship program records, and club bulletins. The photographs in the collection are not extensive but span the dates 1946 to 1971; these dates commemorate the Gary Kiwanis Club's 25th and 50th anniversary respectively. There are a few interesting photographs of the Soap Box Derby in Gary during the 1950's which the Club helped sponsor, as well as two photographs of their annual crippled children's trip to the Shrine Circus.

Club dedication to young people is evident in the achievement reports. During the 1930's, the Gary Kiwanis stressed aid to the underprivileged child; providing free milk for some Froebel High School children; financially assisting Boy Scouts so they could attend camp; sponsoring anti-drug programs in public high schools on the evils of mariJuana use. In the 1940's, the Club was still very much involved with their underprivileged child activities, supplying milk to the Day Nursery at the Gary Neighborhood House. The Club also sponsored boys at Indiana Boys State, 4 H membership for boys and girls, and continued its extensive participation in the Boy Scout movement. In the year following Pearl Harbor, the Gary Club went all out for the war effort supporting War and Community Chest, Red Cross, and the war-bond campaign while still emphasizing its boys and girls work. The decades of the 1950's and 1960's show the same, strong dedication to young people, as the extensive club scholarship records for Gary college bound men and women attest. Records show the Club also supported community service activities such as programs on air pollution and purchasing trees for Gary's Gleason Park. The Gary Kiwanis Club was very supportive of public and business affairs and it was firmly committed to building a better community.

Historical Sketch

The Kiwanis Club of Gary was organized June 13, 1921 in the dining room of the central YMCA. It became a chapter in Kiwanis International, an organization with chapters throughout the United States and Canada. Organizing a club had been developed through several months of canvassing under the leadership of Jay F. Grantham, with the assistance of E.C. Simpson, Charles A. Maloney, Sam Singer and Hoy Davis. Mr. H.W. Tollcot was the first president.

The promotion of business and good will between men engaged in various trades and professions was the inspiration for "We Trade", the original matter of Kiwanis. Later, members of the Gary Club adopted the motto, "We Build", because they believed that directing boys and young men in the ways of good citizenship was building in its highest sense. The Kiwanis Club of Gary promoted the Boy Scouts of America, and also contributed to the support of numerous other agencies: The 4 H Club, Boys State, Girl Scouts, to name a few. The Club also supported the Kiwanis wing at Riley Memorial Hospital for crippled children in Indianapolis, Indiana as well as helping to develop the library at Parramore Tuberculosis Hospital. During the Great Depression, the club leased 300 acres of land for a community gardens project which was jointly promoted by the Gary Friendship House and the Lake County Relief Commission. Besides establishing a scholarship fund for Gary college-bound high school students, the Club sponsored the annual Soap Box Derby for the Gary area, carried on welfare and educational activities for many underprivileged children, young people, and adults.

The Gary Kiwanis Club was a well respected, leading organization in the community devoted to building a better community as well as promoting the application of higher social business and professional standards. It is believed the Gary Club dissolved in the late 1970's.

Box File Description
1 1 Historical Information, Gary Kiwanis Club, (1922 1965)
2 Informational brochure, Gary Kiwanis Club, 1971-1972
3 Programs, 25th Anniversary
4 Program, 40th Anniversary
5 Speech, 50th Anniversary, E.T. Eskilson, 1971
6 Biographical Sketches, Men of Gary Kiwanis, n/d
7 Articles of Incorporation
8 Constitution and By Laws

Series: Minutes
Box File Description
1 9 Official Minutes, 1945
10 Official Minutes, 1945 (photocopies)
11 Minutes, 1947-1948
12 Board Minutes, Monthly Reports, 1951--1952
13 Board Minutes, Monthly Reports, 1953
14 Official Minutes and Monthly Reports, 1957
15 Official Minutes and Monthly Reports, 1958
16 Official Minutes and Monthly Reports, 1959
17 Official Monthly Reports and Board Minutes, 1960
18 Official Minutes, Reports and Board Minutes, 1961
19 Official Minutes, Monthly Reports, 1962
20 Official Minutes, Monthly Reports, 1963
21 Official Minutes, Monthly Reports, 1964
22 Official Minutes, Monthly Reports, 1965
23 Official Minutes, Monthly Quarterly Reports, 1966
24 Official Minutes, Monthly Quarterly Reports, 1967
25 Official Minutes, Monthly Reports, 1968
26 Official Minutes, Monthly Reports, Jan. 1969-Sept. 1970
27 Board Minutes, Monthly Reports, Nov. 2, 1970-Sept. 1975
28 Official Minutes (Oct. 1974-Jan. 1978), Monthly Reports (Oct. 1975-Sept. 1977)

Series: Correspondence / Memoranda
Box File Description
1 29 Memoranda, Formation of Gary Kiwanis Club, 1921
30 Correspondence, 1921 1923
31 Correspondence Underprivileged Children, 1945-1959
32 Correspondence, General, (1946-1976)
33 Correspondence, Scholarships, (1958-1962)
34 Correspondence, Scholarships, 1963-1964
35 Correspondence, Scholarships, 1965-1967
36 Correspondence, Carson & Barnes Circus, 1974

Series: Reports
Box File Description
1 37 Monthly Reports, Gary Kiwanis Club, 1924-1929
2 1 Monthly Reports, 1930-1939
2 Monthly Reports, 1940-1941
3 Monthly Reports, Quarterly Activity Reports, Annual Report Club Elections, 1942
4 Monthly Reports, 1943-1946
5 Annual Club Reports, 1976-1977
6 Annual Achievement Reports, 1938-1948
7 Annual Achievement Reports, 1949-1960
8 Achievement Reports, 1961--1968, 1969 (9 mos.)
9 Club Bulletin, "Kiwanis News", 1945
10 Club Bulletins, 1965, 1969 1970, 1972, 1973
11 Club Bulletins, 1974-1975

Series: Membership
Box File Description
2 12 Membership Rosters, 1932-1944
13 Membership Directory, (1952-1973)
14 Membership and Activity Reports, 1947
15 Membership and Activities Reports, Board Minutes, 1948
16 Official Membership and Activity Reports, Official Board Minutes, 1949-1950
17 Membership Report, Board Minutes, 1954-1955
18 Membership Report, Board Minutes, 1955-1956
19 Attendance and Dues Records, 1961--1962
20 Attendance and Dues Records, 1963-1964
21 Attendance and Dues Records, 1965
22 Attendance and Dues Records, 1966-1967
23 Attendance and Dues Records, 1968-March 31, 1976
24 Perfect Attendance Records, 1962-1967

Series: Financial Records
Box File Description
2 25 Finance Statements, 1953-1957, Treasurer Warrants
26 Finance Statements, 1958-1959
27 Finance Records, 1961-1962
28 Finance Records, 1963-1964, Vouchers & Statements
29 Finance Statements, 1963-1969
30 Finance Statements, 1965, Orders on the Treasurer
31 Statements of Cash Receipts and Disbursements, 1965
32 Finance Statements for 1966, Orders on the Treasurer
33 Finance Statements, 1967, Orders on the Treasurer
34 Financial Statements, Year Ending 1968
35 Finance Records, 1969-1973
3 1 Finance Records, 1974-1976
2 Income Tax Exemptions Forms, (1946-1961)
3 Scholarship Recipient Follow-Up Records, (1955-1966)
4 Legion of Honor Awards, (1963-1974)

Series: State and National Kiwanis
Box File Description
3 5 Programs, "Travel and Adventure Series", 1964-1965, 1972-1974.
6 Visitors Card with "Visiting Kiwanian" Badge, Gary Kiwanis Club, n.d.
7 Minutes, Indiana District, Kiwanis International, 1975
8 Newsletters, "Hoosier Kiwanian", (1969-1976)
9 Book, We Build: The Story of Kiwanis, 1942
10 Fact Booklets, Kiwanis International, (1949-1954)
11 Pamphlet, Kiwanis International, "Do Preachers Make You Sick?", n.d.
12 Newsletters, "Bulletin for Kiwanis Officers", (1969-1976)

Box File Description
3 20 Programs, Various Kiwanis Events, (1962-1975)

Series: Oversize (shelved with collection)
Box File Description
3 Front Page, Gary Evening Post, Kiwanis Club 50th Anniversary, 1971
Plaque, Kiwanis Code of Ethics, n.d.
Awards, Various, (1960-1969)

Series: Sound Recordings (stored in CRA sound collection)

Disc, (1), Kiwanis, n.d.

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  • Gary Golden Jubilee
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  • Soap Box Derby