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CRA178 -- Kay Franklin - Norma Schaeffer Papers


3.75 Linear Feet
June 1989
Revised February 2002


The Kay Franklin - Norma Schaeffer Papers were deposited in the Calumet Regional Archives on October 11, 1984, November 27, 1984, and June 6, 1989.

All rights in the collection are held by Kay Franklin and / or the estate of Norma Schaeffer. There are no restrictions on access to the collection.

Linear feet of shelf space: 3.75 linear feet
Number of containers: 5 boxes
Calumet Regional Archives Collection 178
Arranged and Described by: Stephen McShane
Date: June 1989

Scope and Content

The Kay Franklin - Norma Schaeffer Papers describe the history of the movement to preserve the Indiana Dunes from 1916 to 1984. The major portion of the collection contains drafts of Franklin's and Schaeffer's book, Duel for the Dunes: Land Use Conflict on the Shores of Lake Michigan (Champaign-Urbana: University of Illinois Press, 1983). This work served as the first authoritative history of environmentalism in the Indiana Dunes region of northwest Indiana. The series of drafts illustrates the many changes applied to the manuscript as the authors sought to define and refine their discussion of this very complex subject.

A small series of correspondence (1976-1985) complements the drafts and offers insight into the authors' struggle to publish their work. In addition, letters from several key players in the Dunes saga provide helpful information on the various perspectives occurring during the preservation movement period.

Of particular interest is a series of audio tapes of interviewees conducted by the authors during research for Duel for the Dunes. Interviewees include Mrs. Paul Douglas, Charles Halleck, Herbert Read, Kenneth Gray, Matthew Welsh, John Van Ness, and others involved in the park-port-industry clash of the 1950s and 1960s. The tapes will be stored in the Archives' sound recordings collection.

The authors' research / subject files series furnishes valuable materials about persons, events, and developments in the Dunes, including Charles Halleck, Bethlehem Steel's Burns Harbor Plant, the Port of Indiana, and the first hearings to establish a national park (1916). Finally, several files from the Association of Beverly Shores Residents in the mid-1970s describe efforts to expand the Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore and inclusion of the Beverly Shores "island".

Researchers should note that historical information about Kay Franklin and Norma Schaeffer is located in Box 1, File Folder 1. Along with other environmental collections held by the Calumet Regional Archives (see Archives' list of collections), the Franklin-Schaeffer Papers provide significant documentation of the environmental movement heritage of the Calumet Region.

Box File Description
1 1 Historical Information, Kay Franklin and Norma Schaeffer, 1983-1989
2 Booklet, The Indiana Dunes: A Selected Bibliography, 1980
3-9 Correspondence, Duel for the Dunes, 1976-1985
10 Chapter Synopses, Duel for the Dunes, n.d.
11 Outlines / Prospectuses, Duel for the Dunes, n.d.
12 Front Material, Duel for the Dunes, ca. 1982
13 Drafts, Prologue, Duel for the Dunes, n.d.
14-21 Drafts, Chapters 1-4, Duel for the Dunes, n.d.
2 1-16 Drafts, Chapters 5-10, Epilogue, Duel for the Dunes, n.d.
17 Bibliography and Related Materials, Duel for the Dunes, n.d.

Series: Research Files
Box File Description
3 1 Interview Questions, Duel for the Dunes, n.d.
2 Research Notes, Sand Dunes National Park Association, n.d.
3 Chronology, Indiana Dunes Events, (1816-1976)
4 Biographical Information, Dunes Leaders, (1916-1947)
5 Correspondence, Charles Halleck, 1935-1939, (1955-1966)
6 Correspondence, J. Edward Roush, 1961-1962
7 Correspondence, Indiana Dunes, (1916-1937)
8 Pamphlets / Various Material, Bethlehem Steel Corporation Burns Harbor Plant, (1959-1979)
9 Articles / Reports, Port of Indiana / Burns International Harbor, (1935-1976)
10 Pamphlet, A New Program for National Steel, 1965
11 Newsarticles, Dunes Hearings, 1916
12 Newsarticles, Indiana Dunes State Park, 1921, 1957
13 Newsarticles, James Watt, Sec. of Interior, and Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore, 1981-1983
14 Article, "Lake Michigan Dune Development. 3. Lake Level, Beach, and Dune Oscillation", The Journal of Geology, 1958
15 Article, "History of the Indiana State Parks", Natural Features of Indiana, Indiana Academy of Science, July 1966
16 Article, "National Lakeshore So Nearby", The Northerner, 1975
3 17 Article, "Indiana Dunes", First Federal Saver 1976
18 Article, "The Battle of the Indiana Dunes", n.d.
18a Paper, "The History of Marquette Park" (presented by Norma Schaeffer at the Save the Dunes Council Annual Dinner), 1984
19 Excerpt, South Shore Railroad Brochure, n.d.

Series: Beverly Shores
Box File Description
3 20 Correspondence, Association of Beverly Shores Residents, (1972-1978)
21 Membership List, Association of Beverly Shores Residents, 1973-1975
22 Minutes, Board of Trustees, Town of Beverly Shores, 1973-1975
23-24 Hearing Testimony, Beverly Shores "Island", 1974-1977
25 Bills, Expansion of Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore, 1973, 1975
26 Newsarticles, Beverly Shores "Is Land", 1974-1975
28 Digest, Zoning Ordinance for Beverly Shores, 1969
29 Executive Summary, Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore Shoreline Situation, 1986
30 Script, Prairie Club Dunes Dramas, ca. 1986
32 Summary Report, National Recreation Access Study, 1974
3 Tape Cards, n.d.
4 Research Cards, Norma Schaeffer(?), n.d.

Sound Recordings, Interviews for Duel for the Dunes, n.d. (housed in Archives Sound recordings collection.)
Interviewees Interviewees Interviewees
George Applegate Birch Bayh W.J. Beecher
Bethlehem Steel Lynton Caldwell, Prof. Env. Sociologist - IUB John Canright
David Caputo, Prof. - Purdue University Mrs. Paul Douglas (Emily Taft Douglas) Thomas Dustin
Thomas Eisele, Lake Michigan Federation Kenneth Gray Charles Halleck
Lois Howes Earl Landgrebe George Lively - Midwest Steel
Jerry Olson - Cowles Student Merrill Ormes Edward Osann, Jr. and Sr.
Herb Read Charlotte Read Marion Reed
Leonard Rutstein Howard Schuran - Douglas Aide Elizabeth Troy - Beverly Shores Resident
Sylvia Troy Warren Stickle - Fithian's Aide Matthew Welsh
J. R. Whitehouse David Wilborn John Van Ness
Paul Voth

Subject Tracings

  • Association of Beverly Shores Residents
  • Beverly Shores, Indiana
  • Bethlehem Steel Corporation
  • Erosion
  • Environment
  • Indiana Dunes
  • Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore
  • Indiana Dunes State Park
  • Industry
  • Marquette Park
  • Port of Indiana
  • Recreation
  • South Shore Railroad