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CRA256 -- Ruth and Joseph Norrick Papers


2.50 Linear Feet
October 1990

Box Folder Description
1 1 Historical Information, Ruth Crawford Norrick, 1952-1953
2 Correspondence, Theodore Debs To Ruth Crawford, 1926
3 Correspondence, Ruth Crawford, (1931-1948)
4 Correspondence, Ruth Crawford, 1950-1951
5 Correspondence, Ruth Crawford, 1952
6 Correspondence, January-February 1953
7 Correspondence, March-April 1953
8 Correspondence, Ruth Crawford, May-August 1953
9 Correspondence, September-October 1953
10 Correspondence, Ruth Crawford France, 1963
11 Correspondence and Related Materials, Women's International League for Peace and Freedom, (WILPF), 1969-1971
12 The Comet's Children, by Ruth Elizabeth Crawford, 1953-1954 (Chapters 1-4)
1 13 The Comet's Children, Chapter 5-9
14 The Comet's Children, Chapter 10-17
15 The Comet's Children, Chapter 18-24
16-17 Early Draft, The Comet's Children, 1953-1954
18 Article, "How I Got That Way," By Eugene V. Debs, As Told To Ruth Crawford, 1926
19 Article, "How I Got That Way," By John Philip Sousa, As Told To Ruth Crawford, 1926
20 Article, "How I Got That Way," By Flo Ziegfeld, As Told To Ruth Crawford, 1926
21 Article, "How I Got That Way," By David Sarnoff, As Told To Ruth Crawford, 1927
22 Article, "How I Got That Way," By Vilhjalmat Stefansson As Told To Ruth Crawford, 1927
23 Articles, Ruth Crawford, 1927, 1946, n.d.
24 Article, "I Have A Thing To Tell You" Ruth Crawford, 1953
25 Article, "Emil Dean: Missing From The Picket Line," By Ruth Norrick, ca. 1986
1 26 Article, "Franklin D. Roosevelt: America's Forgotten Man Remembered," By Ruth Crawford Norrick, April 1988
27 Articles, Marco Polo, Ruth E. Crawford (France), 1957-1959
28 Article, "The Best Thing in America," Ruth Crawford, n.d.
29 Article, "Blanche," Ruth Crawford, n.d.
30 Article, "A Complication in Paradise," Ruth Crawford, n.d.
31 Article, "For Lack of a Parlor Suite," Ruth Crawford, n.d.
32 Article, "Go With Me, John," Ruth Crawford, n.d.
33 Article, "The Humiliation is On The Other Side," Ruth Crawford, n.d.
34 Article, "Immorlelles," By Ruth Crawford, n.d.
35 Article, "An Interview With Ex-Governor Warren T. McCray and His Main Street Neighbors", n.d.
36 Article, "Lost Americans," Ruth Crawford, n.d.
37 Article, "Mine Run" Ruth Crawford, n.d.
38 Article, "Mr. Hassall and Old Jim Bailey," Ruth Crawford, n.d.
1 39 Article, "My Huesita (My Little Bone), By Ruth Norrick, n.d.
40 Article, "My Son John," Ruth Crawford, n.d.
41 Article, Outskirts Of The Holy State," Ruth Crawford ?, n.d.
42 Article, "Ponegranite," Ruth Crawford, n.d.
43 Article, "Signs," Ruth Crawford, n.d.
44 Article, "Somebody Like Myself," Ruth Crawford, n.d.
45 Article, "Tow Assignments," Ruth Crawford, n.d.
46 Article, "The United Nations: A Year Book," Ruth Crawford, n.d.
47 Article, "What Did It Get You?," Ruth Crawford, n.d.
48 Article, "The Writer Gets A Job With The Government," Ruth Crawford, n.d.
49 Notes, The Philippines, Ruth C. Norrick ?, ca. 1986
50-52 Manuscript, National Picture Book, WPA, 1941

Box Folder Description
2 1 Memorial Record, Elizabeth W. Crawford, 1946
2 Travel Diary, Ruth and Royal France, 1960
3 Diary, Royal W. France, 1962
4 Biographical Information, Royal W. France, n.d.
5 Autobiography, My Native Grounds, Royal W. France, 1957
6 Speech, "Tolerance: Vice or Virtue?" By Royal W. France, 1941
7 Article, "The Royal Tycoon," Royal W. France, ca. 1958
8 Article, "Religious Freedom In The Atomic Age," Royal W. France, 1960
9 Article, "The Fabulous Monster," Royal W. France, n.d.
10 Article, "How The Russians See It," Royal W. France, n.d.
11 Article, "The Laguna--A Lesson in Misrepresentation," Royal W. France, n.d.
12 Article, "The Rough Rider," Royal W. France, n.d.
2 13 Article, "War Is War," Royal W. France, n.d.
14 Draft Manuscript, "The Gales Of Iron," Royal W. France, n.d.
15 Draft Manuscripts, "In The Sweet Long Ago," Royal W. France, n.d.
16 Draft Manuscript, "Three Brothers," Royal W. France, n.d.
17 Draft Chapters, Royal W. France, n.d.
18 Correspondence, Royal W. France, 1957, 1962
19-21 Briefs, Cases Argued By Royal W. France, 1952-1964
22-24 Briefs and Testimony, Willard Uphaus Case, 1954-1961
25 Briefs, Julius and Ethel Rosenberg Case, 1952-1953
26 Article, "The Balancing of Self-Preservation Against Political Freedom, Alexander Mieklejohn, 1961

Box Folder Description
3 1 Biographical Sketch, Joe Norrick, 1899-1985
2 Memorial, Joe Norrick, 1985
3 Interviews, Joe Norrick, 1978, 1985
4 Writings, Joe Norrick, (1971-1984)
5 "Notes On The 1959 Steel Strike," by Joe Norrick, n.d
6 Joe Norrick, Socialist, 1985
7 Joe Norrick, Communist, 1980
8 Jesse Fitzgerald Meritorious Service Award, 1985
9 Parsons / German Award, 1985
10 Unified Caucus Award, 1984
11 Certificate of Appreciation To Joe Norrick, Citizens Action Coalition, 1978-1979

Subject Tracings

  • Communism
  • Crawford, Ruth Elizabeth
  • Federal Writers Project
  • France, Royal W.
  • Labor
  • McCarthyism
  • Socialism
  • Strikes
  • Uphaus, Willard