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CRA264 -- Elaine Kaplan Papers


3.00 Linear Feet
August 1996

Box File Description
1 1 Historical Information, Air Pollution, Gary, 1965-1973
2 Correspondence, Gary Air Pollution Advisory Board, (1963-1974)
3-8 Minutes, Gary Air Pollution Advisory Board, (1964-1987)
9-14 Correspondence and Reports, Gary Air Pollution Division, 1964-1986
15 Correspondence, Personnel, Gary Air Pollution Division, 1968-1973
16 Brochure, Gary Air Pollution Division, n.d.
17 Reports, Evaluations, Gary Air Pollution Division, 1974-1976
18 Agreement, Gary Division of Air Pollution Control, 1982-1983
19 Statements Air Pollution Control, (1963-1974)
20 Statement, Sulfur Ordinance Amendments, 1972
21-25 Correspondence and Reports, U.S. Steel Pollution Control Program, (1962-1985)

Box File Description
2 1 Report Special Committee on Effectiveness of Air Pollution Control, U.S. Steel and Gary, 1966
2 Ordinances, Air Pollution Control, 1962-1967
3 Minutes and Correspondence, Northwest Indiana Clean Air Coordinating Committee, 1970-1972
4 Newsletter, Eco-Coalition, 1971-1972
5 Minutes, Air Resource Management Program, (1965-1974)
6 Fact Sheet, Coke Ovens, Calumet Environmental and Occupational Health Committee, ca. 1972
7 Printed Material Environmental Institute of Purdue University Calumet, 1977-1982
8-9 Textbook, Decisions for Lake Michigan: A Course on Water Quality Issues, 1980
10 Northwest Indiana Comprehensive, Health Planning Council, 1971-1973
11 Newsletter, Hoosier Sierra Dunelands, 1985
12 Correspondence Automobile Emissions Testing, 1980-1984
13 Plans Air Quality Implementation, Indiana, ca. 1970-1972
14-15 Annual Reports, Indiana Air Pollution Control Board, 1967-1974
16 Reports, Indiana Air Pollution Control Board, 1970
17-20 Legislation and Regulations, Air Pollution Control, Indiana, 1969-1978
2 21 Legislation, Air Pollution Control, Federal, 1963-1970
22 Minutes and Reports, Chicago Clean Air Contaminating Committee, 1970-1974
23 Plans, Air Quality Implementation, Chicago, 1970
24-25 Newsletters and Reports, League of Women voters, Lake Michigan Inter-League Group, 1968-1985
26 Newsletters, Focus on Great Lakes Water Quality, International Joint Commission, 1979-1982
27 Report, Literature Review of The Effects of Persistent Toxic Substances of Great Lakes, Biota, Health of Aquatic, Communities Task Force, Great Lakes Science Advisory Board, 1986
28 Report, Toxic Substances Control Program In The Great Lakes Basin, Great Lakes Water Quality Board, n.d.
29 Reports, Economics of Pollution Control, ca. 1964-1975

Box File Description
3 1 Reports Indiana Judicial System, League of Women Voters, 1966-1967
2 Articles "Long Term Mortality Study of Steelworkers" Journal of Occupational Medicine, 1969-1971
3 Newsletters, Group Against Smog and Pollution (GASP), 1970-1973
4 Report Multiple Use Problems In The Great Lakes, U. of Wisconsin Sea Grant Program, 1970
5 "The Environment, The Law, and The Public Interest", 1971
6 Reports Environmental Protection Agency, 1971-1972, 1980
7 Executive Summary, Meeting Indiana's Environmental Protection Heeds: Organizational and Staffing Requirements, 1972
8 Reports, Sulfur, 1972
9 Printed Material, Workers for Democracy, 1972-1973
10 Reports, Wastewater, (1973-1980)
11 Report, Recommended Standards for Water Works, 1976
12 Summary Report, Lake Michigan Study, 1978
13 Article, "Towards Cleaner Water: Studies In Toxic Substances and Other Contaminants Research News, 1978
14 Report, Pollution Problems of The Great Lakes Region, 1980

Box File Description
4 1 Report, The Biological Effects of Chloride and Sulfate With Special Emphasis on The Laurentian Great Lakes, 1981
2 Report, A Great Lakes Federation: International Meeting on Mackinac Island, 1982
3 Report, Water Pollution Control Program Plan, Indiana Stream Pollution Control Board, 1982
4 Article "Great Lakes Need Wise Dispute Resolution" Conservation Foundation Letter, 1983
5 Reports, Chloride Pollution In Great Lakes, 1983-1984
6 Summary Reports, Draft and Final Master Plan for Improving Water Quality In The Grand Calumet River/Indiana Harbor Canal, 1984-1985
7 Article "The Great Lakes" Environmental Action, June 1985
8 Report, Water Diversion And Great Lakes Institutions, 1985
9 Survey, Water Works, The Center for Great Lakes, 1986
10 Reports, Environmental, General, 1963-1970
11 Report, Summary of Superfund and State Lead Clean Up Activities, n.d.
12 Excerpt, Regional Ground Water Assessment, Northwestern Indiana Regional Planning Commission, n.d.
13 Fact Sheet, Erosion Along Indiana Coast of Lake Michigan n.d.
14 Booklet, Great Lakes Basin Compact, n.d.
15-18 Newsclippings, Air Pollution, (1963-1982), n.d.

Subject Tracings

  • Environment
  • Environmental Protection Agency
  • Gary Air Pollution Advisory Board
  • Gary Air Pollution Division
  • Grand Calumet River
  • Health
  • H. Gordon and Sons
  • Indiana Harbor
  • International Joint Commission
  • Judiciary
  • League of Women Voters
  • Northwest Indiana Clean Air Coordinating Committee
  • Pollution
  • Steel
  • United States Steel Corporation