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CRA300 -- The Eugene McKinley Kirtland Papers


5.00 Linear Feet
June 1990
Inventory Written by: Eileen Cvitkovich


Mrs. Fern Kirtland donated the Eugene McKinley Kirtland Collection to the Calumet Regional Archives on May 23, 1990.

Property rights in the collection are held by the Calumet Regional Archives; literary rights are dedicated to the public. There are no restrictions on access to the collection.

Linear feet of shelf space: 5.00 linear feet Number of Containers: 5 boxes Calumet Regional Archives Collection 300 Processed by: Eileen Cvitkovich Date: June, 1990


Eugene McKinley Kirtland was born on March 7, 1910 in Woodhull, Illinois. He was educated at Emerson Grade and High School in Gary, Indiana. Kirtland graduated from the University of Wisconsin at Madison with a B. S. Degree in Mechanical Engineering in June, 1937. He married Fern Celeste Struebing in 1938, and they had five children.

Mr. Kirtland had been active in many civic groups in Gary, and was elected a Republican Precinct Committeeman in 1964. In 1967, Kirtland was elected to the Gary City Council, the same year that Richard Gordon Hatcher won election as Gary's first black mayor. During Councilman Kirtland's three terms of office (1967-1979), he was an outspoken critic of Democratic Mayor Richard G. Hatcher and his Administration.

Aside from being a Gary city councilman, Kirtland was a registered, professional engineer who owned the Engineering Specialty Company, Inc., formed in 1940. This firm worked on many schools, industrial buildings, and stores in the area. The largest single job done by the firm was the installation of the air conditioning in the ten-story Gary National Bank Building. Kirtland was involved in other successful business ventures in Gary such as Gene's Supermarket on West Ridge Road, and Gene's Incorporated, a corporation for operating the supermarket which was sold in 1960. He built Gene's Wash and Dry in April, 1960, and Gene's B-K Drive Inn at 433 West Ridge Road. This root beer drive-in was purchased in April, 1961 and was operated by the Kirtland children.

Kirtland was an unsuccessful candidate for United States Congress on the G.O.P. ticket in 1970; he was defeated by Congressman Ray J. Madden. Mr. Kirtland passed away in January, 1990.

Scope and Content

The Kirtland Collection contains five series, the first of which, The City of Gary, comprises the bulk of the collection (100 folders). There is a significant sub-series which contains Gary City Council correspondence, City Council meeting minutes, and ordinances passed by the Gary City Council during the early 1970's. The second sub-series in an extensive collection of department and agency files, financial statements, legal documents; and newsletters from various city department ranging from the Air Pollution Department to the Traffic Control Department. A third sub-series contains news articles and campaign material regarding Gary's attempt to annex two neighboring communities, 1970 to 1972. Note: The Glen Park disannexation information is located in Box 1, Folder 1, along with the Kirtland biographical information.

A second series includes correspondence, reports, rosters, and canvassing sheets for city and county elections. Also included here are newsletters sent out by Kirtland during his 1970 Congressional Bid, as well as tally sheets for the First Congressional District. The third series is composed of corporate records, minutes, and ledger books from Kirtland's various business enterprises in Gary. These records span the years 1949 to 1965, and are arranged chronologically within folders.

The fourth series includes correspondence, reports, newsletters; and brochures from the Indiana Association of cities and Towns. This is a relatively small series consisting of eight folders. The fifth series contains 168 photographs. The Majority of these (98), cover the Glen Park Golden Jubilee celebration held in 1949. The next largest group of photographs (48) chronicles Kirtland's unsuccessful Congressional Campaign on the G.O.P. ticket during 1970.

Box File Description
1 1 Biographical Information, Eugene M. Kirtland, (1963-1990)

Series 1: City of Gary

Sub-Series: Gary City Council
Box File Description
1 2 Personal Correspondence, 1959, 1963-1973
3 Personal Correspondence, Jack K. McFall (1960-1971)
4 Correspondence, I-80 Extension, Broadway Cloverleaf Dedication, October 21, 1960
5 Correspondence, Glen Park Association of Commerce, 1966-1972
6 Speech, South Broadway Street Dedication Rites, September 30, 1960
7 Correspondence/News Articles, Blue Ribbon Committee Investigating Federal Programs, 1971
8 Memorandum, Emerson Neighborhood Code Enforcement Program, 1974
9 Correspondence, Gary Board of Realtors, (1970-1972)
10 Correspondence, Gary Youth Commission, 1969
11 Correspondence, Hickory Hills Development (Miller), 1971
12 Correspondence, Little League World Series, (1968-1970)
13 Correspondence, Senior League World Series, 1969
14 Correspondence, NIPSCO Gas Explosion: 14 East 42nd Avenue, January, 1971
15 News Article, NIPSCO Gas Explosion: 14 East 42nd Avenue, January 1971
16 Correspondence, Public Housing, (Glen Park, 49th and Tennessee Street), 1972
17 Legal Documents, Public Housing Project (Glen Park, 49th and Tennessee Street), 1972
18 News Articles, Public Housing (Glen Park) 1971-1972
19 Correspondence, City Council, 1971
20 Correspondence, 6th District City Councilman, 1971-1972
21-22 Correspondence, Constituents, 1968-1973
23-26 Minutes, Common Council of the City of Gary, 1969-1974
27-29 Ordinances Passed, 1971
2 1-8 Ordinances Passed, 1972-1974
9 Ordinances, Fire Prevention Code, 1968

Sub-Series: Agencies / Departments
Box File Description
2 10 Correspondence, Air Pollution Department, 1970-1971
11 Minutes, Air Pollution Advisory Board, 1970-1971
12 Correspondence, Airport Commission, 1971
13 Minutes, Board of Public Works and Safety, 1970-1971
14 Minutes, Board of Zoning Appeals, (1970-1973)
15 Correspondence, Building Department, (1971-1974)
16 Monthly Reports, Building Department, (1970-1974)
3 1 Annual Reports, Building Department, 1970, 1972, 1973
2 Correspondence, City Clerk, (1970-1972)
3 Correspondence, City Engineer, 1970-1971
4 Reports, City Engineer, 1971
5 Annual Report, City Engineer, 1967
6 Minutes, Contractors Licensing Boards of Examiners, (1970-1974)
7 Correspondence, Department of Beautification and Conservation, 1973
8 Resolution, Department of Redevelopment, Neighborhood Development Program, June 31, 1973 - June 30, 1974
9 Project Plan, Midtown West II Under Renewal, Department of Redevelopment, 1972
10 Municipal Code, Electrical Department, 1969
11 Rules, Electrical Department, 1970
12 Correspondence, Electrical License Department, 1970
13 Minutes, Electrical Licensing Board, 1970
14 Minutes, Electrical Licensing Board of Contractors, 1973-1974
15 Annual Report, Engineering Department, 1972
16 Correspondence, Finance Department, (1970-1972)
17 Financial Statements, Finance Committee, 1970-1971
18 Report, "Annual Salaries Appointed City Officials In Indiana", Finance Committee, 1972, 1972-1975
19 Report, Gary Civil City Salary Ordinance, Finance Committee, 1973
20 Report, "Motor Vehicle Highway Fund", Finance Committee, 1970
21 Report, "Tax Rates of Indiana Cities", Finance Committee, 1972
22 Correspondence/Reports, Fire Department, 1968-1972
23 Correspondence, General Service Department, 1972
24 Reports, General Service Department, (1970-1972)
25 Annual Report, General Services Department, December 1, 1970 - November 30, 1971
26 Correspondence, Health Department, (1968-1972)
27 Annual Report, Gary Housing Authority, 1969-1971
28 Invitations, Housing Project Dedications, Gary Housing Authority, 1971-1972
29 Resolution, Occupancy Policies, Gary Housing Authority, 1969
30 Minutes, Human Relations Department, (1970-1972)
31 Legal Documents, Law Department, (1970-1972)
32 Correspondence, Mayor's Office, 1971
33 Newsletter, Mayor's Office, 1971
34 Correspondence, Model Cities, (1971-1974)
35 Memorandum, Model Cities, 1974
36 Progress Reports, Gary Model Cities Agency, (1970-1974)
37 Application Summary, Model Cities, 1972
38 Transition Plan, Model Cities, 1974
39 Correspondence, Neighbors Helping Hand, Inc., 1968
40-42 Minutes, Park Department (1970-1974)
43 Correspondence, Planning Commission, (1971-1974)
44-45 Minutes, Plan Commission, 1970-1972
4 1 Minutes, Plan Commission, April 1974
2-3 Petitions, Plan Commission, 1970-1971
4 Report, "Capital Improvements Programs, Gary Plan Commission
5 Municipal Code, Plumbing, Plumbing Department, 1970-1971
6 Correspondence/Reports, Police Committee, (1968-1970)
7 Correspondence/Reports, Police Department (1968-1971)
8 Annual Report, Police Department, 1969
9 Correspondence, Public Transportation Committee, 1970-1971
10 Schedules, Gary Transit Inc., Public Transportation Committee, 1962-1965
11 Correspondence, Public Utility Committee, 1968-1970
12 Utility Hearings, Public Utility Committee, 1970
13 Report, Pipeline Accident, Gary Public Utility Committee, 1969
14 Petition, Public Utility Committee, 1972
15 Reports, Pending Street Light Installation, Public Utility Committee, 1968-1971
16 Minutes, Redevelopment Commission, 1971-1972
17 Annual Reports, Redevelopment Commission, 1971
18 Monthly Reports, Sanitation Department, 1974
19 Correspondence and Petitions, Street and Alley Improvements, 1968-1971
20 Correspondence, Traffic Control Department, 1971-1974

Sub-Series: Issue Files - Incorporation
Box File Description
4 21 Campaign Material, Lake Ridge Incorporation, 1971-1972
22 News Articles, Lake Ridge Incorporation, 1971-1972
23 Campaign Materials, Merrillville Incorporation 1971-1972
24 Newsclippings, Merrillville Incorporation, 1971-1972

Series 2: Elections
Box File Description
4 25 Newsarticles/Campaign Material, 6th District Councilman Campaign, 1963
26 Correspondence, City Council Election 6th District, 1967
27 Correspondence/Newsarticle, 6th District Republican Precinct Organization, 1968-1970
28 Correspondence, 6th District Precinct Committeeman, 1968
29 Correspondence/Campaign Material, City Council Election, 1971
30-31 Correspondence/Newsarticles, Republican Activities, 1971-1972
32 Correspondence/Newsarticles, Lake County Republican Central Committee, 1972
33 Correspondence/Precinct Tally Sheets (Glen Park), Gary Council Elections, 1975
34 Correspondence/Campaign Material, 3rd District Commissioner Election, 1976
35 Correspondence/Precinct Committeeman Rolls, Various Lake County Towns, 1976
36 Roster, County and Township Officials and Agencies, 1969
5 1 Rosters, Democratic Central Organizations, Various Lake County Cities, 1970, n.d.
2 Rosters, Lake County Democratic Central Committee, 1st and 2nd District Officers, 1970
3 Newsletters, Lake County Republican Central Committee, 1970
4 Canvasser's Sheet, Primary Election, May 4, 1971
5 Reports, Voter Registration Board, 1971
6 Campaign Materials, Kirtland Congressional Campaign n.d.
7 Newsletters, Kirtland for Congress, August - November, 1970
8 Recapitulation of Votes, Primary Election, May 5, 1970
9 Tally Sheets, National, State and County Ticket, 1st Congressional District, 1968
10 Ticket, Spiro Agnew, Appearance at State Fairgrounds, Indianapolis, Indiana, September 23, 1970

Series 3: Kirtland Business
Box File Description
5 11 Correspondence, Kirtland Realty, 1968-1971
12 Correspondence, Epoxy Surfaces, 1969-1970
13 Minutes, Engineering Specialty Company, Incorporation January 1949 - February 1961
14 Corporate Records, Engineering Specialty Company Incorporation 1960-1962
15 Corporate Records, Gene Kirtland Incorporation 1959-1962
16 Corporate Records, Gene's 900 Incorporation 1956-1965
17 Sales and Payroll Records Ledger Book, Gene's Supermarket, November 1957 - November 1960
18 Blueprints/Specifications, Chuck Wagon Restaurant, Gary, 1962
19 Newsletters, Glen Park Rotary Club, 1968-1973
20 Correspondence, Glen Park Rotary Club, 1967-1971

Series 4: Indiana Association of Cities and Towns
Box File Description
5 21 Correspondence, Indiana Association of Cities and Towns, 1968-1972
22 Newsletters, Indiana Association of Cities and Towns, (1986-1972)
23 Brochure, Indiana Association of Cities and Towns, n.d.
24 Program, Indiana Association of Cities and Towns, Legislative Sessions, 1969
25 Report, Distribution of State-Collected Taxes, Indiana Association of Cities and Towns, 1972
26 Report, Federal Revenue Sharing Interim Regulations, Indiana Association of Cities and Towns, 1972
27 Report, Tax Rates of Indiana Cities, Indiana Association of Cities and Towns, 1973
28 Rosters, Indiana City Officials, Indiana Association of Cities and Towns, 1968-1971, 1972-1975

Sound Recordings
Sound Recording, (1), "Spiro T. Agnew Speaks Out", ca. 1970 (Located in the Calumet Regional Archives Oral History Collection)

Subject Tracings

  • Agnew, Spiro T.
  • Business
  • Elections
  • Gary Air Pollution Control Division
  • Gary Airport
  • Gary Board of Public Works and Safety
  • Gary Board of Zoning Appeals
  • Gary Building Department
  • Gary City Council
  • Gary Department of Redevelopment
  • Gary Fire Department
  • Gary Health Department
  • Gary Housing Authority
  • Gary Park Department
  • Gary Plan Commission
  • Gary Police Department
  • Gary Redevelopment Commission
  • Gary Sanitary District
  • Glen Park
  • Model Cities Program
  • Politics