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CRA301 -- Lynton K. Caldwell Papers


5.00 Linear Feet
August 1990
Revised September 1998

Box File Description
1 1 Writings, Lynton K. Caldwell, (1980-1988)

Series: International Joint Commission (arranged chronologically)
Box File Description
1 2 Booklet, Safeguarding Boundary Water Quality: A Co-Operative Effort Between United States and Canada under International Treaty, 1961
3 General Information, International Joint Commission, 1964, 1968, n.d.
4 Booklet, Rules of Procedure and Text of Treaty, IJC, 1965
5 Newsletter, "Focus On International Joint Commission Activities," 1986-1989
6 Reports, Champlain, Lake The Upper Richelieu River, (1973-1979)
7 Report, Legislative and Institutional Framework to Control Pollution from Land Use Activities In The United States Great Lakes Basin, Volume 1, 1978 (PLUARG)
8 Report, Legislative and Institutional Framework... Volume 2, 1977
9 Report, Legislative and Institutional Framework... Volume 3, 1977
10 Report/Studies, Lake Levels, (1977-1989)
11 Policy Statement, Flood Plain Planning, 1988
12 Report, Workshop on Anticipatory Planning for the Great Lakes, (Volume II), 1980
13 Bibliographies, Reports Issued Under The 1972 and 1978 Great Lakes Water Quality Agreements, 1982-1983
14 Progress Report, Great Lakes Science Advisory Board, 1984
15 Letter, IJC and Flathead River, 1984
1 16 Report, Activities IJC, 1985
17 Newsarticles, IJC, 1985
18 Report, Great Lakes Diversions and Consumption Uses, 1985
19 Report, Multi-Institutional Management: The Green Bay Experience, 1985
20 Report, Uses, Abuses and Future of Great Lakes Modeling, 1986
21 Report, A Detailed Study Design for Assessing Potential for Great Lakes Contamination Via Groundwater, 1985
22 Directory, Great Lakes Education Material, 1987-1989, 1994
23 Surveys, Great Lakes Pollution Issues, 1987
24 Report, Guidance On Characterization Of Toxic Substances Problems in Areas of Concern in the Great Lakes Basin, 1987
25 Reports, Remedial Action Plans, 1987-1989
26 Agreements, Revised Great Lakes Water Quality Agreements, 1988-1990
27 Bibliographies, IJC Library, ca. 1988
28 Paper, Governing The Great Lakes Basin: A Preliminary Report Of The Task Force and Institutions of the IJC Levels Reference Study, 1988
29 Draft Report, Great Lakes Science Advisory Board, Societal Committee, Economy/Environment Roundtable, 1988
30 Interim Report, High Water Levels in the Great Lakes-St. Lawrence River Basin, 1988
1 31 Report, Options for the Remediation of Contaminated Sediments in the Great Lakes, 1988
32 Report, A Plan for Assessing Atmospheric Deposition to the Great Lakes, 1988
2 1 Report, Public Participation and Remedial Action Plans: An Overview of Approaches, Activities, and Issues, 1988
2 Report, Review of the Research Advisory Board / Science Advisory Board Recommendations and Supporting Reports with IJC and Government Responses, 1973 through 1985, 1988
3 Brochure, Toxic Substances, n.d.
4 Program, Biennial Meeting on Great Lakes Water Quality, 1989
5 Transcripts, IJC Biennial Meeting on Great Lakes Water Quality, 1989
6 Report, Great Lakes Water Quality (INC. Appendix A), 1989
7 Memoranda, Long-Range Plan For Great Lakes Regional Office, 1989
8 Organizational Materials, Great Lakes Science Advisory Board, 1989
9 Report, Great Lakes Science Advisory Board, 1989
10 Memoranda, Science Advisory Board, 1987, 1989
11 Minutes, Science Advisory Board, 1989
12 Minutes, Science Advisory Board, 1989
13 Minutes, Science Advisory Board, 1990
14 Report, Work Plan and Project Descriptions, Great Lakes Science Advisory Board, 1989/1990
15 Report, Integrated Pest Management in the Great Lakes Basin Ecosystem: A Review and Evaluation of Agricultural Programs, 1989
2 16 Directory, Great Lakes Water Quality Agreement Institutions, 1989-1990
17 Papers, IJC Societal Committee, Environmental Polls and Surveys Round Table, 1989
18 Report, Living with the Lakes: Challenges and Opportunities, 1989
19 Reports, Living with the Lakes, Annexes A and B, 1989
20 Reports, Living with the Lakes, Annexes C and D, 1989
21 Report, Living with the Lakes, Annex E, 1989
22 Reports, Living with the Lakes, Annexes F and G, 1989
23 Progress Report, Lower Green Bay Remedial Action Plan, 1989
24 Draft Paper, Toxic Ecosystems: A Strategic Analysis, 1989
25 Paper, Virtual Elimination, 1989
26 Newsletters, Focus on Great Lakes Water Quality, 1983-1986
27 Posters, A Citizen's Guide to Great Lakes Pollution Problems, n.d.

Series: Reports, Great Lakes (arranged alphabetically)
Box File Description
3 1 Serial, Alternatives - Special Issue: Saving the Great Lakes, 1986
2 Thesis, The Analysis of Complex Decision-Making: Negotiation of the Saint John River Basin Agreement (Canada-U.S.), Joel Souto-Maior, 1981
3 Paper, The Bottom Line on Now Control Structures, K. Potter, n.d.
4 Article, "Call It Lake Inferior," 1970
5 Proceedings, Canada-United States Natural Resources and Environmental Symposium, 1978
6 Booklet, Canadian-American Natural Resource Papers, 1975-1976
7 Paper, Catastrophic Oil Spills on the Great Lakes, Kenneth Flack, 1989-1990
8 Paper, The Challenge for Ecosystem Science in Respect to the Great Lakes, R.E. Hecky, n.d.
9 Paper, "Charter Opens State's-Rights Round in Fight for Great Lakes," 1985
10 Report, Citizen Action in Developing Clean-Up Plans for the 42 Great Lakes Toxic Hot-Spots, 1987
11 Paper, A Comment on the Assessment Process in Newfoundland, n.d.
12 Article, "Comparing Canadian and U.S. Water Law, n.d.
13 Paper, Developing Stakeholder Consensus and Support, Mimi Becker, 1989
14 Paper, "An Ecological Approach to An Understanding of Integrity of Ecosystems in Turbulent Settings," Robert J. Steedman and Henry Regier, 1988
15 Article, "Ecosystem Behavior Under Stress," 1985
3 16 Report, Enhancing Resiliency in Great Lakes Water Levels Management, 1988
17 Paper, "Environmental Impact Assessment: The Problems of Evaluation," William E. Rees, 1979
18 Paper, "EPA's Approach to Pollution Prevention," David G. Stephan and John Atcheson, 1989
19 Newsletter, Fields and Streets, (Wisconsin Nonpoint Source Water Pollution Abatement Program), 1989
20 Draft, "Future Directions in Great Lakes Research," Andrew L. Hamilton, 1989
21 Draft Paper, Fluctuating Water Levels and Great Lakes Governance: Assessing the Effectiveness of Present Policies, Programs, and Institutional Arrangements Michael J. Donahue, 1989
22 Paper, A Governance Structure Designed to Learn Would Better Manage the Great Lakes, Lester Milbraith, n.d.
23 Draft, Chapter 5, Great Lakes n.d.
24 Pamphlet, Great Lakes-Great Legacy?, ca. 1988
25 Biennial Report, Great Lakes and Marine Waters Center, University of Michigan, 1983
26 Article, "The Great Lakes Basin: A Great Resource at Risk," 1989
27 Report, Great Lakes Basin Framework Study, 1976
28 Chronology, Great Lakes, Ice Age to 1977
29 Draft, Great Lakes Management Agenda, 1989
30 Excerpt, "The Great Lakes: A Microcosm of the World Ocean," Man and the Marine Environment, n.d.
3 31 Papers, Various, Great Lakes Water Levels, 1987-1989
32 Report, Guidelines for Preparing Initial Environmental Evaluation, 1976
33 Report, Impacts of Climate Change on the Great Lakes Basin, 1988
34 Proceedings, The Interbasin Transfer of Water... The Great Lakes Connection, 1982
35 Draft Paper, "Integrity and Surprise," Henry Regier, et al, 1988
36 Paper, "Integrity of Waters and Ecosystem..." Henry Regier, 1988
37 Serial, Journal of International Law, Seminar Papers, Great Lakes Legal Seminar: Diversion and Consumptive Use, 1986
38 Program, Lake Erie Basin: The Politics of Planning, 1968
39 Draft Summary, MAB and the Great Lakes: Towards a Binational MAB Programe for a Biogeographic Province, 1990
40 Report, the Nation's Water Resources 1975-2000, Vol. 4: Great Lakes Region, Second National Water Assessment, U.S. Water Resources Council, 1978
41 Article, "The Nature of Great Lakes Ecosystems," H.A. Regier and A.P. Grima, 1984
42 Report, Nonpoint Source Pollution: Where to Go With the Flow: Wisconsin's Challenge for the Next Decade, 1986
43 Open Letter, Terrace Bay, 1984
44 Report, Our Fourth Shore: Great Lakes Shoreline Recreation Area Survey, 1959
45 Pamphlet, Our Great Lakes, 1973
3 46 Report, Policy Resolutions, Great Lakes United, 5th Annual Meeting, 1987
47 Brochure, The Program for Zero Discharge, 1989
48 Paper, A Proposed Governance Structure for Protecting A Major Bi-National Resource: The Great Lakes, Lester Milbraith, n.d.
49 Proposal, Protecting Great Lakes Nearshore and Costal Ecological Diversity, ca 1987
50 Bibliography, Public Involvement in Environmental Decisionmaking, 1981
51 Excerpt, "Recommended Mitigragion Policies and Strategies," for Catastrophic Costal Storms, 1989
52 Report, Reflections 1988-89, National Water Research Institute, 1989
53 Paper, Regional Political Processes in the Great Lakes, 1977
54 Article, "Reviving the Great Lakes," 1970
55 Proceedings, The Sediment Solution: Cleaning Up Contaminated Sediment on our Great Lakes and North American Marine Coasts, 1988
56 Booklet, Sharing the 49th Parallel: A Handbook on Canadian Relations for Montana Officials, 1983
57 Report, Shoreline Residents' Perceptions and Attitudes Toward the Environmental Problems in and around Lake Ontario, 1989
58 Interim Report, Public Review Panel on Tanker Safety and Marine Spills Response Capability, 1989
59 Proposal, Some General Aspects of Transjurisdictional Governance of the Great Laurentian River Basin Ecosystem, 1988
60 Report, State of the Great Lakes, Michigan Department of Natural Resources, 1986
3 61 Brochure, To Keep Our Waters Usable, Freshwater Biological Institute, n.d.
62 Article, "Toxic Fallout in the Great Lakes," Steven J. Eisenreich, 1987
63 Paper, Toward an Ecosystem Charter: The Legal and Administrative Context: A Review of Binational Agreements and Bilateral Arrangements, Paul Muldoon and John Jackson, 1988
64 Papers, Workshop, "Towards an Ecosystem Charter for the Great Lakes," 1989
4 1 Paper, Towards the Protection of Great Lakes Natural Heritage Areas, 1987
2 Report, Trends and Emerging Environmental Issues in the Great Lakes: Perceptions and Assessments, 1988
3 Testimony, Walter A. Lyon Before the U.S. Senate Subcommittee on Oversight of Government Management, Committee on Governmental Affairs, 1989
4 Report, Water and the Canada-United States Free Trade Agreement, 1988
5 Report, Water for Life: The Tour of the Great Lakes on the Beluga (Greenpeace), 1988
6 Report, Water Quality Plan, Great Lakes Basin Plan, 1980
7 Paper, Water Resources and Native Peoples, Barry Barton, 1985
8 Article, "When Pollution Knows No Boundaries," 1978
9 Article, "Why We Have Failed", Barry Commoner, Greenpeace, 1989
10 Newsarticles, Great Lakes, 1971-1972, 1985-1986

Series: Newsletters, Great Lakes
Box File Description
4 11 Newsletter, Borderlines, 1985-1987, 1989
12 Newsletter, Canadian Water Watch, 1989
13 Newsletter, The Great Lakes Reporter, 1984-1989, 1991
14 Newsletter, Great Lakes Program, 1989
15 Newsletters, Great Lakes Research Consortium Report, 1988-1989
16 Newsletter, The Great Lakes United, 1986-1989
17 Newsletter, Great Lakes Washington Report, 1989
18 Newsletter, Great Lakes Wetlands, 1990
19 Newsletter, Greenpeace Toxics, 1988
20 Newsletter, Lake Michigan Monitor, 1989
21 Newsletter, Resources, 1971, 1987
22 Newsletter, Transboundary Resources Report, 1987-1988

Series: Reports, Canada
Box File Description
4 23 Report, Assumptions Made by the Canadian Government in Establishing Strategies for Environmental Quality Improvement, 1971
24 Report, Background Studies for Resource Development in the Tweed Forest District, Study No.1-Land and Water Resources, 1963?
25 Report, Canada-United States Relationship and the Environment, 1970?
26 Booklet, Canada's Environment, 1986
27 Booklet, Canadian Aquatic Resources, 1987
28 Draft, The Canadian Federal Government Approach to Environmental Administration, 1972
29 Report, Cumulative Socioeconomic Monitoring: Issues and Indicators for the Beaufort Region, 1984
30 Reports, Directory of University Teaching and Research, 1983-1986
31 Article, "EARP at the Crossroads: Environmental in Canada," 1980
32 Article, Environment and Law, McGill Law Journal, Nos. 3 and 4, 1973
33 Article, "Environmental Administration in Canada", 1973
34 Paper, Environmental Assessment-What Is It? Where Is It Going? n.d.
35 Report, Environmental Assessment in Canada: 1985 Summary of Current Practice, 1985
36 Report, Environmental Assessment in Canada: Guide to Current Practice, 1982
37 Paper, Environmental Assessment of Hydrocarbon Production from the Canadian Beaufort Sea, William Rees, 1984
38 Booklet, Environmental Impact Assessment: The Canadian Experience, 1985
39 Paper, Environmental Impact Assessment: Government Decision-Making in Public, 1982
4 40 Summary Proceedings, Environmental Linkages: Indonesia-Canada Conference, 1984
41 Booklet, Environmental Regulation in Canada, 1980
42 Report, The Federal Environmental Assessment and Review Process, 1987
43 Paper, "The Federal Role in Environmental Assessment," 1985
44 Report, First Report of Canada Under the 1987 Protocol to the 1978 Great Lakes Water Quality Agreement, 1988
45 Report, The Flathead River International Study, 1988
46 Article, "Government At Sea in the Beaufort," 1980
47 Report, The Identification of Early Indicators of CO2 Climate Warming in Canada, 1984
48 Discussion Paper, Improvements to the Environmental Assessment and Review Process (EARP), 1983
49 Report, Initial Assessment Guide, Federal Environmental Assessment and Review Process, 1986
5 1 Pamphlet, Great Lakes Action Plan, n.d.
2 Report, The National Consultation Workshop on Federal Environmental Assessment Reform, 1988
3 Leaflet, National Water Research Institute, n.d.
4 Digest, Proposed Environmental Protection Act, n.d.
5 Paper, "Public Input to Government Decision-Making, n.d.
6 Paper, Public Participation in the Canadian Environmental Assessment and Review Process, 1979
7 Report, Public Participation in Environmental Decision-Making, 1988
8 Report, Public Review: Neither Judicial, Nor Political, But An Essential Forum for the Future of the Environment, 1988
9 Discussion Paper, "Reflections on the Environmental Assessment and Review Process (EARP), 1979
10 Paper, Reforming Federal Environmental Assessment, 1987
11 Report, The Right to A Healthy Environment: An Overview of the Proposed Environmental Protection Act, n.d.
12 Report, Sustainable Development, 1984
13 Paper, "Transboundary Environmental Attitudes and Policy -- Some Canadian Perspectives, Maxwell Cohen, 1980
14 Summary, Upper Great Lakes Connecting Channels Study, 1988

Sub-Series: Canadian Environmental Assessment Research Council (CEARC), ca. 1984
Box File Description
5 15 Brochure, Canadian Environmental Assessment Research Council, (CEARC), ca. 1984
16 Report, The Assessment of Cumulative Effects: A Research Prospectus, (CEARC), 1988
17 Report, Cumulative Effects Assessment: A Context for Further Research and Development, (CEARC), 1987
18 Report, Cumulative Effects Assessment in Canada: An Agenda for Action and Research (CEARC), 1987
19 Proceedings, Cumulative Environmental Effects: A Binational Perspective, (CEARC) 1986
20 Report, Evaluating Environmental Impact Assessment: An Action Prospectus, (CEARC) 1988
21 Report, A Framework for Effective Monitoring, (CEARC) 1987
22 Report, Funding of Environmental Impact Assessment Research in Canada, (CEARC) 1988
6 1 Report, Learning from Experience: A State-of-the-Art Review and Evaluation of Environmental Impact Assessment Audits, (CEARC) 1986
2 Report, Mitigation and Compensation Issues in the Environmental Assessment Process: A Research Prospectus, (CEARC) 1988
3 Report, Philosophy and Themes for Research, (CEARC), 1986
4 Report, Review of the Current and Potential Application of Modelling and Simulation in Environmental Assessment in Canada, (CEARC), 1986
5 Report, Risk Management and EIA: Research Needs and Opportunities, (CEARC), 1986
6 Report, Selected Mathematical Models in Environmental Impact Assessment in Canada, (CEARC), 1986
7 Report, Social Impact Assessment, (CEARC), 1985

Series: Indiana Dunes
Box File Description
6 8 Correspondence, Indiana Dunes, 1959-1963
9 Correspondence, Indiana Dunes, (1964-1979)
10 Paper, "The Indiana Dunes: Industry Versus Environmental Quality," by Lynton K. Caldwell, 1976
11 Historical Sketch, The Indiana Dunes Lakeshore, by Lynton K. Caldwell, n.d.
12 Report, Citizen Advisors and National Parks, 1976
13 Working Papers, Coastal Zone Management Program, 1978
14 Report, Feasibility of Port Development at Michigan City, Indiana, 1964
15 Paper, "The Indiana Dunes Controversy," Barbara Allen, 1972
16 Case Study, Legislative Grant for A Private University: The Northwestern Lakefront Development, 1962
17 Agreement, NIPSCO and Department of Interior, 1978
18 Article, "Politics and Land Use: The Indiana Shoreline of Lake Michigan, by Harold M. Mayer 1964

Addition of September 1998

Series: International Joint Commission (arranged chronologically)
Box File Description
7 1 Brochures, International Joint Commission, n.d.
2 Annual Report, International Joint Commission, 1987-1988
3 Report, A Conceptual Approach for the Application of Biological Indicators of Ecosystem Quality in the Great Lakes Basin, 1985
4 Report, Review of Techniques for Weighing on Valuing to Benefits Associated with Environmental Quality Improvements - Economics by John P. Hoehl and Douglas Krieger, 1986
5 Proceedings, Workshop on the Role of Epidemiology in Assessing to Effects of Great Lakes Water Quality on Human Health, 1988
6 Report, Biological Surrogates Of Mesotrophic Ecosystem Health in the Laurentian Great Lakes, 1990
7 Report, Fifth Biennial Report on Great Lakes Water Quality, Part I, 1989
8 Paper, A Framework for Economic and Social Consideration in Remedial Action Planning, by Daniel R. Talhelm, 1989
9 Report, Ecosystem Objectives Committee, March 1990
7 10 Proceedings, Technology Transfer Symposium for the Remediation of Contaminated Sediments in the Great Lakes Basin, March 1990
11 Report, Framework for Integrating Socio-Economics Considerations into Remedial Action Plans, by Peter K. Stokoe and Darlene Boyde, 1990
12 Agenda and Attachments, First Joint Meeting of the Great Lakes Science Advisory Board and the Council of Great Lakes Research Managers and the 80thMeeting of the Great Lakes Science Advisory Board, 1990
13 Report, Exotic Species and the Shipping Industry: Re: Great Lakes - St. Lawrence Ecosystem at Risk, 1990
14 Paper, Fluctuating Great Lakes Water Levels: Progress and Opportunities, by Murray Clamen and Donald F. Parsons, 1990
15 Memorandum and Reports, Great Lakes Science Advisory Board, 1990-1991
16 Reports, Human Activities Related to be State if the Great Lakes Basin Ecosystem, 1991
17 Report and Recommendations, Reconstituted Task Force on Commission's Role and Priorities Under the Great Lakes Water Quality Agreement, 1991
18 Paper, Review and Evaluation of the Remedial Action Plan (RAP) Process, by Mimi Larsen Becker, 1991
19 Summary Report, Persistent Toxic Substances: Virtually Eliminating Inputs to the Great Lakes, 1991
7 20 Report, Great Lakes Environmental Education, 1991
21 Draft Minutes, Great Lakes Science Advisory Board, 1991
22 Report, A Shared Policy Vision for the Great Lakes: A Workshop Report of the Great Lakes Water Quality Board, 1991
23 Report, Persistent Toxic Substances: Virtually Eliminating Inputs to the Great Lakes, July 1991
24 Draft Report, Roundtable on Socio-Economic Considerations Relevant to Remedial Action Plans, 1991
25 Report, Cleaning Up Our Great Lakes: A Report from the Water Quality Board to be International Joint Commission on Toxic Substances in the Great Lakes Basin Ecosystem, 1991
26 Report, Great Lakes Science Advisory Board, 1991
27 Report, Subjects Recommended for Priority Attention and Action in the Seventh Biennial Cycle, 1991
28 Draft White Paper, Indicators to Evaluate Agreement Progress, 1995
29 Report, Indicators to Evaluate Progress Under the Great Lakes Water Quality Agreement, 1996
7 30 Draft Final Report, Proposed Framework for Developing Indicators of Ecosystem Health for the Great Lakes Region, n.d.
31 Brochure, Toxic Substances in the Great Lakes Basin Ecosystem, n.d

Series: Papers / Reports, Great Lakes (arranged alphabetically)
Box File Description
7 32 Paper, Assessing Transformation and Sustainability in The Great Lakes Basin, by D. Scott Slocombe, 1990
33 Brochure, Ecosystem Charter for the Great Lakes - St. Lawrence Basin, n.d.
34 Paper, Ecosystem Governance for the Great Lakes, by Mary Durfee, 1997
35 Articles, "The Great Lakes: Re Tie That Binds," AIA Journal, June 1969
36 Report, Great Lakes Human Health Effects Research Program, n.d.
37 Report, The Great Lakes Water Quality Agreement: It's Past Successes and Uncertain Future, by Lee Botts and Paul Muldoon, 1997
38 Reports, Lake Micigan: An Ecosystem Approach for Remediation of Critical Pollutants and Management of Fish Communities, Great Lakes Fishery Commission Special Publication 91-2, 1991
39 Paper, "Managing the Great Lakes: Lessons from the Seaway, "by John L. Hazard, 1987
40 Article, "Re ‘Plot' to Steal the Great Lakes, " Michigan: The Magazine of the Detroit News, November 28, 1982
41 Report, A Prescription for Healthy Great Lakes: Report of the Program for Zero Discharge, 1991
7 42 Report, Preserving Great Lakes Wetlands: An Environmental Agenda, 1990
43 Papers, Symposium on Prevention of Groundwater Contamination in the Great Lakes Region, Chicago-Kent Law Review, Vol. 65, No. 2, 1989
44 Article, "Toxic Substances in Surface Water: Protecting Human Health: The Great Lakes Experience, " Environmental Science Technology, Vol. 24, No. 5, 1990
8 1 Press Release, U.S. and Canada Hold Meeting on Great Lakes Pollution, 1971
2 Report and Recommendations, Water Division and Great Lakes Institutions, 1985
3 Report, Water Pollution Control in the Great Lakes, by Walter A Lyon, 1971

Series: Newsletters
Box File Description
8 4 Newsletter, Advisor, Great Lakes Commission, 1991- 1995
5 Newsletter, Focus, International Joint Commission, 1988-1991
6-7 Newsletters, Focus, IJC, 1992-1998
8 Newsletters, Forum, Great Lakes Fishing Commission, 1994-1997
9 Newsletters, Great Lakes Research Consortium Report, (1990-1995)
10 Newsletters, The Great Lakes Reporter, 1985, 1987, 1990-1991
11 Newsletters, Great Lakes United, 1990 - 1991
9 1-2 Newsletters, Great Lakes United, 1992-1998
3 Newsletters, The Helm, Illinois-Indiana Sea Grant Program, (1990-1996)
4 Newsletter, Indiana Environment, Indiana Department of Environmental Management, 1991
5 Newsletters, Perspectives, Great Lakes Program, (1990-1995)
6-7 Journal, Great Lakes Research Review, 1994-1998

Subject Tracings

  • Canada
  • Coastal Zone Management Program
  • Environment
  • Great Lakes
  • Indiana Dunes
  • Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore
  • International Joint Commission
  • Michigan City, Indiana
  • Pollution
  • Ports