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CRA362 -- Fred Collins Architects Records

CRA 362: Oversize


61.00 Linear Feet
October 1994
Revised July 1999

Series: Specifications (arranged geographically)
Box File Description
1 1 Chesterton Equipment and Furniture for Physical Education Building West Chesterton Township High School, 1959.
2 Physical Education Building for West Chesterton Township High School, 1958
3 Lake County Mental Health Facility, Crown Point
4 Mr. and Mrs. Richard Phelps Residence, 1964 Gary
5 Portable Classroom Units. Vohr-2 and Ambridge- 3. 4 Units at Brunswick School, 6 Units at Ivanhoe, 1970.
6 Electrical Work - Black Oak Elementary School.
7 Completion of Electrical Work - Black Oak Elementary School, 1971.
8-9 Class Room Remodeling Language - Calumet Township School, 1989.
10 Indoor Track Resurfacing for Calumet Senior High School, 1979.
11-12 Mechanical Remodeling - Calumet Senior High School, 1982.
13 First Federal Savings and Loan, 1957.
14 More Portable Classrooms from Froebel School to Brunswick School, 1973.
15 Gary National Bank 5th and Adams Street.
1 16 Remodeling Horace Mann Administration Building, 1957.
17 Renovation Proposal- Horace Mann School, 1978.
18 Fire Detection and Annunciaton - Horace Mann Renovation Project, 1986.
19 Indiana School Construction Coop, 1986.
20 Bus Storage, 1984.
21 Black Top Paving Longfellow School, 1968.
22 Sewage Disposal Longfellow School, 1968.
23 Meadowland Shopping Center, Economic Analysis
24 McAnary Welter, 1968.
25 Addition to Noble School, 1959.
26 Alterations to Security Building, 1959.
27 Administration Center - Sports - Complex, 1959
28 Addition to Sunbeam Lighting co., 1960
29 Tarrytown Elementary School, 1956.
1 30-31 Tolleston School Project, 1956.
32 Remodeling Administration Vocational Tech, 1956.
33 Boiler Repairs and Water Heater Replacement 34 Vocational Tech, 1988.
35-36 New Additions to Existing Northwest Tech Institute, 1975.
37 Floor Repairs - Vocational Tech, 1988.

Box File Description
2 1 Fire Protection System, 1986.
2 Environmental Health Training Vocational, 1978.
3 Proposal, new additional parking, Vocational Tech, 1974.
4-5 New Parking LA, Bumpers and Pavement Conditioning - Vocational Tech, 1977.
6 Roof Repairs and Corridor Fire Protection, Vocational Tech, 1987.
7 Volkswagen Sales and Service Building, 1964.
8 Proposal, Relocation of Four Ivanhoe Mobile Classrooms to Washington School Site, 1968.
9 All weather to West Side High School, 1970.
2 10-12 Wirt Area Swimming Pool Revised, 1976.
13 Moving Four Portable classrooms from Wirt High School to Edison School. Griffith
14 Addition and Renovation to Franklin Elementary School, 1972.
15-16 Griffith Elementary School Criteria, 1972.
17 Public School of Griffith, 1972. Highland
18 Highland Jr. High School, 1962.
19 Grace Street 7 - Eleven, 1973. Hobart
2 20-21 Gary National Bank, 1978
22 Alterations to toilet rooms and new locker, shower - dryer Rooms, Henry Evans Elementary School, 1978.
23-24 Henry Evans Elementary School Addition, 1980 (2).
25 Photos and Cost Sheet, Hobart Senior High School, 1980.
26 New Roofing and Roof Repairs - Hobart Township School, 1980.
27-28 Industrial Addition - River Forest High School, 1977.
29 Additions - Hobart Trinity Church, 1953 Lake Station (East Gary)
30 Additions and Alterations - Edison School, 1974.

Box File Description
3 1 Garden City Foods Lowell
2 Construction and Addition - Lowell High School, 1956.
3 Merrillville Ace Hardware, 1980
4 Remodeling Gainer Bank, 1987
5 Garden City Food Inc., 1966
6 Addition - Alterations on Merrillville High School, 1974
7-8 Interiors Nelson Piano Company, 1974
9 Improvement - Pierce Junior High, 1975
10 Alterations - Prince of Peace Lutheran Church, 1974
11 Ross Township Elementary School, 1971
12-13 Food Service - Ross Township Elementary School, 1971
14-15 Ross Township Elementary School, 1971
16-17 Ross Township Elementary School, 1971
18 Ross Township Elementary School, 1971
19 Storm Sewer - Merrillville High School, 1975 Portage
3 20 Alteration - Crisman Elementary School, 1963
21 Crisman Elementary School, 1975
22 Driver Education and Driver Range, 1974
23 Proposal, Maintenance Facilities, 1971
24 New Outdoor Sports Complex, 1971
25 New York Life Insurance Building, 1964
26-27 Remodeling and Renovating Building #3, 1975

Box File Description
4 1 Portage Middle School, 1975
2 Kitchen Equipment, Portage Middle School, 1972
3 Renovation, Crisman Elementary School, 1975
4 Swimming Pool Additions - Portage High School, 1967
5 Swimming Pool Additions - Portage High School, 1967
6 Power Technology Center, 1972
7 7-Eleven Store, 1973 St. John
8 Addition and Remodeling - Kolling Elementary School, 1985 Valparaiso
9 Interior Remodeling and Parking addition, Vocational Tech, n.d.
10 La Porte Ave. Parking, 1975
11 Parking Lot Paving - Vocational Tech, 1988 West Creek
12 West Creek Township Elementary School, 1958 Westville
13 Sewer System Sewage Disposal Plant, 1956 Whiting
4 15 Renovation, Whiting Junior - Senior High School, 1976
16 Whiting Junior - Senior High School heating system
17-22 Bid Proposals

Series: Architectural Drawings A - D (arranged alphabetically by building name)
Box Description
5 Boy Scouts Ambridge Hut - Gary
Apartments - Gary
Dunes Terrace Hotel - Gary
Bel-Oakes Estates Apartments - Merrillville
Calumet High School - Misc.
Saul Cohen Residence - Gary
Chase Street Elementary School - Gary
Douglas School - Gary
Bosak Motor Sales - Gary
Calumet Township Schools
American Savings & Trust - Whiting
Dalton Corporation - Gary
Budd Plant - Gary
Chuck Wagon Diner - Gary
Buffington-Clark Schools
5 Big Wheel Restaurant - Gary
Ace Plumbing & Heating Company - Gary
Continental Electric Company - Gary
Burns Memorial Chapel - Merrillville
Burns Funeral Home - Gary
Calumet High School
Dulles Elementary School - Gary
Ace Hardware Store - Gary
Calvin's Restaurant - Gary
Dr. Chand's Building - Hammond
Oscar Conway Building - Gary
Bailey Residence - Ogden Dunes
Bader Building Materials Corporation - Gary
Billich Tavern - Gary
Clark Street Apartments - Gary
5 Bewick Dental Clinic - Portage
Development - U.S. 30 & Merrillville Road
Aetna School
Bryans Footwear Store - Gary
Burns Funeral Home - Gary
Bollinger Residence - Crown Point
Anthony Retail Store - Gary
Apartment Building - Gary?
Church of Living God - Gary
Driver Education Range/Nike Site - Portage

Series: Architectural Drawings E - G (arranged alphabetically by building name)
Box Description
6 Froebel high School - Gary
Gary National Bank - Dunes Branch
First Federal - Gary
East Side Primary School - Gary
Gary Sportsman's Club - Crown Point
Evans Elementary School - Lake Station
First Federal Savings and Loan - Portage
First Federal Building/Downtown - Gary
Edmar Super Foods - Gary?
Gary, Various Buildings
Grissom Elementary School - Gary
Elliot House and Lube Center -
Gateway Apartments - Gary
Edmar Store - Crown Point
6 Four Family Apartments - Gary
Flamingo Office Building - Gary
First Federal Bank - Valparaiso
Garyton Elementary School - Portage Township
Edison High School
Foley Building - Gary
Esping Residence
First Federal Savings & Loan - Merrillville
Englewood Electric Company - Gary
First Federal - Portage
First Federal Savings & Loan - West Gary
Gary National Bank - Lake Station
First Federal - Valparaiso
Grissom Elementary School - Gary
E.D.L. Laboratory - Gary
6 First Federal Building - Gary
Gary National Bank - Gary
Greenwald Surgical Company - East Gary
Fletcher Filling Station - Gary
Edison High School - Lake Station
7 Gary Sportsman's Club - Crown Point
Ehlers Building - Gary
First Federal - Dyer
Gary National Bank
Greenwald Surgical Company - Gary
First Federal - Portage
First National Bank - Valparaiso
Forrest Court - Gary
Grady Company - Gary
Gary Masonic Lodge
Misc. Gary Building
Gary Housing Authority
Greenwald Surgical Company - Lake Station
Eichhorn's Service Building - Gary

Series: Architectural Drawings H - K (arranged alphabetically by building name)
Box Description
8 Indiana Vocational Technical College (IV Tech)
(Numerous Drawings and Blueprints)
Housing Authority Evansville, Indiana
Kentucky Roast Beef Restaurant
Konrady Distributors Warehouse - Gary
Kunas Residence - Ogden Dunes
Hope Lutheran Church - Portage
Kaczorowski Service Station - Gary
Kucan's Rug Laundry - Gary
Hobart Township Schools - Lake Station
Hamilton Elementary School - East Gary
Intersection: Dunes Hwy. & 6th Avenue - Gary
Horace Mann School (1978) - Gary
Ideal Building - Gary
8 Jackson Township Schools - Porter County
Hong-Yia Restaurant - Gary
Jonas Salk Elementary School - Ross Township
Highway Hotel - Hobart
Hunter Construction Building
Howard Johnson Hotel - Hammond

Series: Architectural Drawings L - N (arranged alphabetically by building name)
Box Description
9 Manley Brothers Sand Company - Chesterton
Metropolitan Life Insurance Company - Gary
Merrillville High School
Motor Generator Shelter (5th & Broadway) - Gary
Lake County State Bank - Gary
Miner (VW) Motors Building - Gary
Nelson Apartments - Gary
Nel-Van Realty - Chicago
New York Life Insurance Company - Gary
Miller Station - Gary
Lowell American Legion Post - Lowell
Mount Pleasant Elementary and High School-Yorktown, Indiana
Miner Motors (VW) - Hobart
Lilly Day Care Center - Hobart
9 Miner Motors (VW) - Gary
Macro Etch Plant - Gary
Miller Auto Sales - Gary
Moose Lodge - Gary
Lew Wallace Stadium
NIPSCO - Gary Headquarters
Lake County Mental Health Clinic
Lukens & Striegle Drug Store - Gary
Martin Oil Company - Gary
Nobel Elementary School - Gary
NIPSCO - Gary Operations Headquarters
Mamma's & Zeheralis Building - Gary
Nelson Piano Store - South Lake Mall - Merrillville
Lake Mortgage Company - Gary
National Tea Company - Gary
9 Mid-America Homes
Merrillville Community Schools
T.J. Meister Building - Gary
Lew Wallace High School
Merrillville High School
McArnary House - Gary
Myers Residence
Lake Ridge Schools

Series: Architectural Drawings O - Q (arranged alphabetically by building name)
Box Description
10 Portage Middle School
O'Malley Building
Olesker Store - Gary
Portage National Bank
Okone Retail Store - Gary
Portage High School
Miscellaneous Drawings
Pierce Jr. High School - Merrillville
Portage Power Technology Center
Pomianowski Service Station - Gary
Portage Township Schools - Porter County
Pearson Building - Gary
Office Building - Gary
City of Portage Maintenance Building
10 Phelps Residence - Crown Point
Office Building - Merrillville
Portage Driver Education Range / Nike Site

Series: Architectural Drawings R - V (arranged alphabetically by building name)
Box Description
11 Tropicana Club - Gary
Storefront Remodeling - Gary
Schindler Building - Gary
U.S. Post Office - Gary
U.S. Naval Air Station - Grosse Isle, Michigan
Van Buren Baptist Church - Gary
Tri-City Shopping Plaza - Gary
Tony Vaccaro Building - Gary
Savage Building - Gary
Riley School - Gary
Seiwitz Building - Gary
Dr. Spellman Ofice - Gary
MISC: Chester Stemp, Engineer
Stults Residence - Gary
11 Sederberg Residence - Porter County
Ross Township High School (Merrillville)
Store Building (1948) - Gary
Schleicher Office - Gary
Selagy Night Club - Gary
Reed Service Station - Gary
Stengle Dental Lab - Gary
Summerfield GMC - Gary
Slick's Laundry Building - Gary
Sheraton Inn - Gary
School City of Gary Warehouse
Thomas Auto Repair Shop - Portage
Village restaurant (proposed)
Tolleston School Project
12 Ross Township high School (Merrillville)
Union Street School - Gary
Villa Olivia - Gary?
Republic Frame & Axel
21st & Mississippi School - Gary
Sportsman's Club - Crown Point
Riddle Office Building - Gary
Sunbeam Lighting Company - Gary
Timberlake Farms - Porter County
U.S. Post Office - Gary
Misc. Proposals
San Pierre Bank - San Pierre, Indiana
Pruzin Mortuary - Gary

Series: Architectural Drawings W - Z (arranged alphabetically by building name)
Box Description
13 Wirt Area Swimming Pool - Gary
Westville Sewage Treatment System
Wheeler Restaurant - Valparaiso
Wirt High School
Webb Physical Fitness Center - Gary
Welsh Building - Lake County
Washington Warehouse - Gary
WWCA Radio Station - Gary
White Mortgage Company - Portage
Westchester Township High School - Porter County
Webster School

Series: Oversize Drawings
Drawer Description
1-2 West Side High School - Gary
Lew Wallace High School - Gary
Hobart High School - Hobart
Ross Township High School (Merrillville)
Portage Middle School - Portage
Polk Elementary School - Lake Station
Gary National Bank - Merrillville
Hobart Jr. High
Evans Elementary - Hobart
Boone Grove Jr. & Sr. High School
River Forest Jr. & Sr. High School-Hobart
Calumet High School
Lake Ridge Schools
Indiana Vocational Technical College - Gary
1-2 Lake Ridge Schools Bus Shelter
Gainer Bank - (Woodmar) Hammond
Lincoln/Bailly Jr. High School - Gary
Edison School - East Gary
Northeast High School - Gary
Ribordy Drugs warehouse - Porter County
Merrillville High School
Central Elementary School - Portage
Proposed Shopping Center - Merrillville
Lake County Association for the Retarded - Gary
Miller's Toggery-Merrillville
3-4 River Forest Jr. & Sr. High School-Hobart
Kolling Elementary School-St. John
Burns Funeral Home-Merrillville
Wagon Wheel Restaurant-Merrillville
Merrillville High School
U.S. Steel - Gary
Indiana Vocational Technical College
Lake County Juvenile Center - Crown Point
Lake County Mental Health Center
Parks Administration & Sports Complex - Gary
Lew Wallace High School
West Side High School
Edison School - Gary
Gary National Bank - Merrillville
3-4 Pittsburgh Plate Glass Company - Gary
Gainer Bank
Eiwitz Residence - Gary
Lew Wallace School - Audio Visual - Gary
Gary Post Office Foundation Plan
Portage Township Schools
E.D.L. Company Addition - Gary
Indiana Street School - Gary
5-6 McCool Methodist Church-Portage
Indiana Vocational Technical College - Various
Highland Elementary School
Lew Wallace High School
Aetna School - Gary
Merrillville High School
Sports Complex Building - Gary
Devault School - Calumet Township
Evans Elementary School - Lake Station
Ross Township High School
Calumet High School
Gainer Bank
Elementary School - Elkhart County, Indiana
5-6 Misc. School Drawings
Marine Service Corporation
Carver School - Gary
Gary National Bank
Beckman-Bailey Jr. High School - Gary
7 Kinney Shoe Store - Southlake Mall - Merrillville
Calumet Securities-Gary
Old Post Office Drawings
Schwartz, Preston, Franko Building-Merrillville
Portage Middle School
Parks Administration Building-Gary
Elementary School-Long Beach-Michigan City
Polk Elementary School
Gary Post Office
West Side High School
Lake Ridge Schools
Lew Wallace High School
Truck Stop Motel - Gary
Service Station - Gary
7 Gainer Bank
Clark-Welter Motor Sales - Gary
McNaraay-Welter Building - Gary
South Merrillville Elementary School Site Study Plan
Burns Memorial Chapel - Crown Point
Maple Woods Nursing Home
Portage Township Schools
Ribordy Drugs Warehouse - Porter County
Boone Grove High School
Merrillville High School
Proposed Welsh Oil Station
Misc. Marquette Mall - Michigan City
Private Sewer Line - Gary
Draper Residence - Ogden Dunes?
8-9 Williams Residence-Gary
Edison School
Pearson's-6th and Broadway-Gary
Calumet High School
Milligan Residence-Odgen Dunes
Environ Executive Center - Merrillville
Industrial Building - ANCO Building Corp. - Gary
Calumet High School - Swimming Pool Addition- Gary
Henry S. Evans School-Proposed Addition-Lake Station
Black Oak Elem. School-Alteration & Addition- Gary
County Line Oil Company-Service Building- Gary
First Federal Savings and Loan of Gary- Dyer
Parks Administration & Sports Complex- Gary
Merrillville H.S.- Addition- Merrillville
8-9 7-11 Shopping Strip- Portage
Hobart Twsp. Jr. H.S.(River Forest)-Hobart Twsp.
Prince of Peace Church- site plan- Merrillville
Prince of Peace Church- first unit plan-Merrillville
Merrillville High School- Merrillville
U.S. Post Office- Gary
Gas Island-Plan and Details (U.S. Postal Service and Dept. of Army)- Gary
Gary Post Office- RCDP preliminaries- Gary
Gary Post Office- Area B- Gary
Gas Island- Change order-Gary
Gary Post Office- Area A- Gary
7-11 Store Building- Dallas, TX
Service Station addition- 5th& Marshall, Gary
Post Office- Plot Plan- Gary
8-9 Post Office- HVAC Piping- Gary
Post Office- Vehicle Maintenance Facility, Gary
Post Office- Sprinkler System- Gary
Post Office- Maintenance Facility & Garage, Gary
Post Office- Gary
Post Office- Gary
Post Office- Gary
7-11 Building- Portage
Wiseway- Merrillville
West Side High School- Gary
10 West Side High School-Gary
Merrillville High School