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CRA368 -- Jack Weinberg Papers


2.75 Linear Feet
June 1995
Revised March 2002

Box Folder Description
1 1 Historical Information, Jack Weinberg, 1969, 1984, 1991, 1994

Series: Local Environmental Organizations
Box Folder Description
1 2 Correspondence and Related Materials, Northwest Indiana Clean Air Coalition, 1983-1984
3 Various, People Against Hazardous Landfill Sites, (PAHLS), 1983
4 Organizational Materials, Hoosier Environmental Council, 1983-1984

Series: Local Environmental Reports
Box Folder Description
1 5 Study, State Energy Policy: Energy Facility Siting in Northwest Indiana, 1979
6 Summary Report, Master Plan for Improving Water Quality in the Calumet River/Indiana Harbor Canal, EPA, 1985
7 Paper, "Air Quality and Expenditure Effectiveness Benefits for Various Air Emission Control Systems at U.S. Steel Corporation," n.d.
8 Report, Air, Water, and Inland Steel: Environmental Quality Control at Inland Steel Company's Indiana Harbor Works, 2nd Edition, n.d.

Series: Bailly Nuclear Plant
Box Folder Description
1 9 Transcript, Excerpt from ACRS Meeting, July 12, 1979 (Bailly Nuclear Plant)
10 Testimony and Documents, Edward Osann, Jr., in the Petition of NIPSCO for new rates of the investment in the terminated Bailly Nuclear Project, Cause no. 36689, 1982
11 Answer Brief, Citizens Action Coalition, City of Gary, Bailly Alliance vs. NIPSCO, Charging to pay for Bailly Nuclear Plant, Cause no. 36689, ca. 1982
12 Newsclippings, NIPSCO Rate Increase for Bailly Nuclear Plant Costs, 1984-1985
2 1 Testimony, NIPSCO Rate Increase, 1981 (1) (Cause no. 36394)
2 Testimony, NIPSCO Rate Increase, 1981 (2)
3 Testimony, NIPSCO Rate Increase, 1981 (3)
4 Testimony, NIPSCO Rate Increase, 1981 (4)

Series: Reports, Nuclear Power--General
Box Folder Description
2 5 Booklet, Nuclear Plants: The More they Build, The More You Pay, 1977
6 Report, Nuclear Power Costs, Ninety-Fifth Congress, Second Session, House Report No. 95-1090, 1978
7 Article, "Nuclear Power: A Case of Indecent Exposure," Win, June 22, 1978
8 Reprint, "Our National Death Wish," Penthouse, August, 1978
9 Article, "A Siting Policy for an Acceptable Nuclear Future," Science, June 8, 1979
10 Paper, "Marble Hill: We Told You So," 1979
11 Magazine, Spectrum, Special Issue: Three Mile Island and the Future of Nuclear Power, November, 1979
12 Report, "Management of Commercially Generated Radioactive Waste," February 1980
13 Program, Nuclear Film Forum, 1981

Series: Reports, Pollution--General
Box Folder Description
3 1 Report, Industrial Process Profiles for Environmental Use: Chapter 24. The Iron and Steel Industry, 1977
2 Printed Material, Air Pollution, 1978-1983
3 Reports, Clean air Act, 1981-1984
4 Report, Explaining the Urban Factor in Lung Cancer Mortality, 1981
5 Paper, "Comments of the National Resources Defense Council and the Environmental Defense Fund on the OAQPS Draft Toxic Air Pollutant Strategy and the OPRM," 1982
6 Proceedings, Symposium on Iron and Steel Pollution Abatement Technology, 1982
7 Printed Material, Acid Rain, 1983, n.d.
8 Paper, "Comments of the Environmental Defense Fund and the Natural Resources Defense Council on the Environmental Protection Agencies Proposed Process for Evaluation and Control of Toxic Air Pollutants," 1983
9 Newsletters / Reports, National Clean Air Coalition, 1983-1984
10 Paper, "Toxic Air Pollutants: Time for Action," 1983
11 Report, Particulate Matter: Hazards to Health and Environment, 1984
12 Statement, Proposed Revisions to the National Ambient Air Quality Standards for Particulate Matter, 1984
13 Paper, "Comments on Proposed Standards for Radionvelides Under Section 112 of the Clean Air Act-for the Environmental Defense Fund," n.d.
14 Paper, "Cooperative Evaluation of Installed Pushing Emissions Control Technologies," n.d.
15 Paper, "Cost/Benefit of Fugitive Emissions Controls or TSP and Possible PMIO Compliance," n.d.

Series: Reports, Coke Plants
Box Folder Description
4 1 Articles, Various, Coke Ovens, 1971-1984
2 Reports, Coke Ovens, United Steel Workers of America, 1975-1978
3 Report, Final Occupational Safety and Health Standard for Exposure to Coke Oven Emissions, 1976
4 Post-Hearing Brief, United Steel Workers of America on Standards for Coke Oven Emissions, 1976
5 Booklet, Carcinogens-Working with Carcinogens, 1977
6 Chronology, The Development of a Coke Oven Emission Standard, 1971-1977
7 Report, Human Population Exposures to Coke Ovens Atmospheric Emissions, November 1977
8 Report, Coke Oven Work and Cancer: The Risks and What You Can Do About Them, 1978
9 Report, Surgery for the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's Ambient Monitoring Near U.S. Steel, Gary, Indiana, August 1979-August 1980
10 Minutes, National Air Pollution Control Techniques Advisory Committee, August 26 and 27, 1980
11 Minutes, National Air Pollution Control Techniques Advisory Committee, August 26 and 27, 1980 (2)
5 1 Report, Coke Oven Emissions from By-Product Coke Oven Charging, Door Leaks, and Topside Leaks on Wet-Coal Charged Batteries-Background Information for Proposed Standards, July, 1980
2 Report, Coke Oven Emissions from By-Product Coke Oven Charging (cont.)
3 Report, Coke Oven Emissions from By-Product Coke Oven Charging (cont.)
4 Report, Coke Oven Emissions from By-Product Coke Oven Charging, Door Leaks, and Topside Leaks on Wet-Coal Charged Batteries-Background Information for Proposed Standards, March 1981
5 Reports, National Aerometric Data Bank, 1982, 1984
6 Memorandum, Report on Trends in B(a)P Measurements in Wayne County, 1971-1982
7 Updates, Environment, Federal Register/Environment Reporter, 1983-1984
8 Report, Carcinogen Assessment of Coke Oven Emissions, 1984
9 Manuals, Coke Oven Worker Cancer Seminar, n.d.

Series: Reports, Energy Policy
Box Folder Description
6 1 Booklet, A New Start: The National Energy Act, 1979
2 Booklet, A Ratepayer's Guide to the Public Utility Regulatory Policies Act of 1978, 1979
3 Magazine, Dollars and Sense, Special Issue: The Energy Crisis, July-August 1980
4 Booklet, Energy Dilemmas: An Overview of U.S. Energy Problems and Issues, League of Women Voters, 1977
5 Booklet, Energy Options: Examining Sources and Defining Government's Role, League of Women Voters, 1977
6 Booklet, A People's Energy Plan: An Alternative to Crisis and Monopoly Energy, New American Movement, n.d.
7 Booklet, Energy Prospects for the United States, United Steel Workers of America, 1979
8 Report, Building Energy Performance Standards, Consumer Energy Council of America, 1979
9 Booklet, The Importance of Gas Energy to Labor, 1978
10 Reports, Citizen Action Economic Program, 1983
11 Report, Consumer Energy Atlas, June 1980

Subject Tracings

  • Bailly Nuclear Plant
  • Environment
  • Northwest Indiana Clean Air Coalition
  • Nuclear Power
  • People Against Hazardous Landfill Sites (PAHLS)
  • Pollution
  • Steel