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CRA390 -- Lake County Association for Mental Health Records


1.75 Linear Feet
March 1997


The Lake County Association for Mental Health Records document the history of this community organization from 1957 to 1968. Particularly strong series of minutes and correspondence offer information on the group's efforts to improve treatment of and educate the public about the mentally ill. In addition, the records include many reports on the mental health initiatives and studies throughout the region and state during the late 1950's and early 1960's.

Box Folder Description
1 1 Historical Information, Lake County Association for Mental Health, 1956-1959
2 Constitution and By-Laws, Lake County Association for Mental Health, n.d.

Series: Minutes

Box Folder Description
1 3 Minutes, Board of Directors / Executive Committee, Lake County Association for Mental Health, 1958-1963
4 Board Lists / Nominating Committee Reports, (1961-1966)
5 List, Committees, n.d.
6a Minutes, Adopt-A-Patient Committee, Indiana Association of Mental Health, 1965
6b Minutes, Beatty Memorial Hospital Regional Hospital Volunteer Committee, 1965
7 Minutes and Reports, Parent Education Committee, 1963-1964
8 Annual Reports, Lake County Association for Mental Health, 1975-1959
9 Speeches, 1965

Series: Correspondence

Box Folder Description
1 10-22 Correspondence, General, 1957-1967
23 Correspondence, Bar Associations, 1965
24 Correspondence, Christmas Program, 1964-1965
25 Correspondence, East Chicago United Community Service, 1963-1968
26 Correspondence, Gary United Fund, (1962-1968)
27 Correspondence, Hammond Community Chest, 1965-1968
28 Correspondence, Health Fair, 1968
29 Correspondence, Hospital Statistics, 1965-1966
30 Correspondence and Related Materials, Indiana Mental Health Association, Governmental Affairs Institute, 1965
31 Correspondence, Industrial Seminar, 1965-1966
32 Correspondence and Reports, Interagency Health Council of Northwest Indiana, 1967-1968
33 Correspondence and Notes, Jailing Committee, 1965
34 Correspondence, LaSalle Steel Foundation, 1965-1967
1 35 Correspondence, Local United Funds / Community Chests, 1963-1968
36 Correspondence, Logansport State Hospital, 1966-1967
37 Correspondence, Munster Health and Welfare Fund, 1966
38 Correspondence, Social Agency Executive Association / Lake County Economic Opportunity Council, 1967-1968
39 Correspondence and Notes, Suicide Prevention Telephone Line, 1967-1968
40 Correspondence and Related Materials, Volunteer Awards Dinner, 1965

Series: Indiana Association for Mental Health

Box Folder Description
2 1 Program Materials, Indiana Association for Mental Health Conferences, 1964-1966
2 Newsletter / Reports, Indiana Mental Health Planning Commission / Calumet Region Mental Health and Mental Retardation Planning Commission, 1964-1968
3 Newsletter, Governmental Affairs Bulletin, Indiana Association for Mental Health, 1965-1967

Series: Reports / Printed Material

Box Folder Description
2 4 Report, Institute on the Rehabilitation of the Mentally and Emotionally Handicapped: Brochure of Advanced Studies, 1956
5 Report, Planning Commission for the Long-Range Building and Treatment Program for Mental Institutions, ca. 1958
6 Report, The Care of Mental Patients in General Hospitals, 1959
7 Report, Indiana's Psychiatric Core, Treatment, and Rehabilitation, 1961
8 Report, Mental Health Aspects of Aging, 1962
9 Proceedings, Governor's Third and Fifth Conference on the Handicapped, 1963, 1965
10 Directory, Services for the Handicapped in Indiana, 1964
11 Proceedings, Seventh Annual Mental Health Association Summer Staff Training Institute: The Mental Health Association in Planning for Community Mental Health Services, 1964
12 Directory, Indiana Licensed Health Facilities, 1965
3 1 Report, Planning for Mental Health and Mental Retardation in the Calumet Region, 1965
2 Report, Rehabilitation Project: Aid to Persons Returning to Lake County from Beatty Memorial Hospital, 1965
3 Report, The World from Within: A Report on Indiana's Mental Health Program, WFBM Radio, 1965
4 Directory, Outpatient Mental Health Facilities in the State of Indiana, 1966
5 Report, A Rehabilitation Pilot Project, Mental Health Association in Indiana, 1966
6 Newsarticles, Fundraising Campaigns, 1965
7 Newsarticles, Lake County Association for Mental Health, (1961-1965), n.d.

Series: Oversize (shelved with collection)

Newsletter, Governmental Affairs Bulletin, Indiana Mental Association, Summer 1996

Subject Tracings

  • Beatty Memorial Hospital
  • Community Organizations
  • Health
  • Indiana Association for Mental Health
  • Interagency Health Council of Northwest Indiana
  • Lake County Economic Opportunity Council
  • Mental Health
  • Social Welfare