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CRA426 -- Chesterton Collection


0.25 Linear Feet
September 2002, February 2007, May 2007

Box File Description
1 1 Community Analysis, Chesterton, 1992
2 Brochure, "Visit Unique Chesterton", 1986
3 Brochure/Placemat, "Welcome to Chesterton", n.d.
4 Brochure, North Porter County Bi-Centennial Committee, 1976
5 Abstract of Titles and Deeds, 321 Broadway, Chesterton, Indiana, 1910-1920
6 Brochure/Newsarticles, Lustron Home, (1994 - )
7 Booklet, Historic Chesterton Tour-Guide -- Historic and Architecturally Significant Sites and Structures, n.d.
8 Program, The Martin Studio, Chesterton, 1958
9 Brochure, Chesterton Art Gallery, n.d.
10 Brochure, Antique Dealer's Association of Chesterton, n.d.
11 Brochure, The Yellow Brick Road Gift Shop, n.d.
12 Booklet, "The Long View: A Retrospective of Chesterton and Its Banks", 1974
13 Cookbook, Duneland Recipes, Bethlehem Lutheran Church, 1948
14 Postcard, (1), Waverly Beach, Chesterton, n.d.
15 Chesterton Centenial, The Chesterton Centenial Inc. 1852-1952
16 The Chesterton Retail Merchants Directory, n.d.

Calendars, (2), Chesterton State Bank, 1991
Poster, (1), Chesterton Art Fair, n.d. (located in Auxiliary Storage)

Subject Tracings

  • Architecture -- Chesterton
  • Banks and banking
  • Chesterton, Indiana
  • Chesterton Art Fair
  • Cookery -- Chesterton