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CRA023 -- Bailly Alliance Records


4.50 Linear Feet
Number of containers: 5 boxes
Processed by: Stephen McShane
October 1982

Mr. Jack Weinberg, Co-Chairman, donated the Bailly Alliance Papers to the Calumet Regional Archives on February 4, 1982.

Property rights in the collection are held by the Calumet Regional Archives; literary rights are dedicated to the public. There are no restrictions on access to the collection.

The Bailly Alliance Papers document the establishment and history of a local anti-nuclear power organization from 1974-1981. A small series of records, including Alliance by-laws and meeting minutes (1978-1980), list the purpose and goals of the organization to protest the use of nuclear power plants throughout the United States and particularly the construction of the Bailly nuclear plant on the lakeshore in Porter County. The minutes contain information dealing with strategy to lobby against the plant proposal, petitioning, fund raising, publicity, and elections of officers, along with descriptions of the structure of the group and daily operation of the main Alliance offices. Mailing lists and phone logs furnish supplementary information on the functioning of the group as well as providing membership data on Alliance chapters located throughout Lake and Porter Counties.

Probably the most comprehensive series in the collection documenting the activities of the Alliance is a run of the group's newspaper, the Bailly Alliance News (1978-1980). The News includes announcements of Bailly Alliance events, reports of the plant construction, anti-nuclear power, and other environmental groups. These newspapers constitute a condensed history of the Bailly Alliance activities, events, and stands regarding nuclear power.

The collection not only retains much information about the Alliance organization, but also contains a large series of dockets generated by the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (1976-1981). These dockets detail the legal proceedings before the NRC to decide between permitting construction of the Bailly plant or denying permission to erect the facility. Delay reports, appeals,interventions,testimony, technical data, and others pieces of evidence constitute the dockets as the opposing parties defended their respective interests. This series is particularly useful for information about NIPSCO's views of the controversy. For persons interested in nuclear power generally, other NRC publications as well as series of printed material describe various structures and procedures involved in operating a nuclear power plant. Finally, newsletters, correspondence, announcements, and publications from other groups and interests opposed to nuclear power provide additional knowledge of the anti-nuclear movement throughout the United States in the late 1970's.

Persons desiring to study the history of environmental movements will find valuable material in the Bailly Alliance Papers. The collection provides substantial documentation of a grassroots environmental organization involved in one of the most explosive controversies in recent northwest Indiana history. Researchers should note two cassette tapes of Barry Commoner's presentation on nuclear energy are available in the Archives office. In addition, other collections held by the Calumet Regional Archives dealing with environmentalism in the Region include the Edward Newell Papers (CRA 064), the James Newman Papers (CRA 073), the Community Action to Reverse Pollution Records (CRA 099), the Thomas Dustin Papers (CRA 113), and the A.A. Lindsey Papers (CRA 118).

Historical Sketch

In the fall of 1977, a group of local residents from Lake and Porter Counties participated in an anti-nuclear demonstration held in Chesterton, Indiana. This small band of concerned citizens later formed the Bailly Alliance, a tri-state coalition of individuals and organizations opposed to nuclear energy and particularly a NIPSCO nuclear power plant project. The group believed that the proposed plant, to be located in Westchester Township in north Porter County, would endanger surrounding communities and harm the natural environment. By early 1978, an informal steering committee had begun to meet weekly, planning strategy and defining goals of their organization. The Alliance adopted a set of by-laws, stating that the group opposed the construction of the Bailly Nuclear I power plant and the continued use of nuclear energy to generate electricity, promoted safe energy alternatives, and educated the public and other organizations about potential hazards of nuclear power. In addition, the by-laws provided for the election of two co-chairpersons to conduct the business of the Alliance Between meetings. By July, 1980, active membership in the Alliance totaled about 200 persons.

During its four year history, the Bailly Alliance sponsored numerous events and provided several services to promote the group's fight against the Bailly nuclear plant. For example, the Alliance speakers bureau sent representatives to local organizations, presenting reasons to oppose nuclear power. Alliance offices in Gary and Chesterton offered anti-nuclear literature as well as Bailly Alliance campaign items such as shirts and buttons. Public meetings and campus forums constituted another direction of the group, including appearances by noted activists such as Barry Commoner. A highlight of the education activity centered upon the major medium to express the Alliance's view of nuclear energy and keep the membership informed about progress in construction and various Bailly activities. By 1980, over 700 persons had subscribed to the Bailly Alliance News. A second major effort rested upon the Alliance's planning of the first Midwest No-Nukes Conference in 1979. This two day affair comprised a variety of workshops, a rally, and speeches by various scientists and opponents of nuclear power. Finally, Bailly Alliance members participated in many marches and rallies directed against NIPSCO, the Bailly nuclear plant, and nuclear power in general.

With the formation of nine community chapters in four counties, the Bailly Alliance claimed to represent virtually all organized anti-nuclear power, several public officials, including Mayor Richard Hatcher and Congressman Adam Benjamin, advised NIPSCO to stop construction of the Bailly nuclear station and consider alternatives. By summer of 1981, the controversy over the Bailly project had penetrated virtually every facet of society in northwest Indiana. Finally, in late August, NIPSCO announced the cancellation of the plans to erect Bailly Nuclear Plant I.

Although several reasons caused the utility to terminate its nuclear plans, the Bailly Alliance opposition acted as an important factor in the outcome of the issue. The Alliance had promoted successfully its anti-nuclear views among the public and provided an example of an influential citizen's group effectively voicing opinion in the local community. With the end of the Bailly nuclear plant project. however, the Alliance appeared to lack a definite goal or mission. While the group attempted a continued existence, sentiment for the Alliance gradually waned, and the Bailly Alliance disbanded by January, 1982

Box Folder Description
1 1 By-Laws, 1979
2 Minutes, 1978-1980
3 Correspondence, 1978-1981
4 Press Releases, 1978-1981
5 Sample Leaflets, 1978-1981
6-8 Bailly Alliance News, 1978-1980
9 Bailly Alliance Events, 1978
10 Midwest No-Nukes Conference, 1978-1979
11-13 Bailly Alliance Events, 1979-1981
1 14 Petition Materials, 1979?
15 Petitions, n.d.
16 Petitions, n.d.
17 Petitions, Signers Lists, 1980
18 Steering Committee Election Ballots, 1980
19 Local Chapter Mailing Lists, 1980
20 Indiana, Illinois, and Miscellaneous
21 Phone logs, n.d.
22 Roger Robb Debate File, 1976-1980
23 Congressional Notes and Communications, 1979-1981
1 24 Site Maps, 1978
25-27 Newsclippings, 1979-1982
28 Newsclippings, n.d.
29 Northern Indiana Public Service Company Strike Information, 1980
30 NIPSCO Evacuation Statement, 1980
31 NIPSCO Annual Report, 1980
32 Assessment of the Influence of Dewatering at Bailly N-1, 1980

Box Folder Description
2 1-3 Quarterly Reports, Bailly Nuclear-1 Site, Spring-Fall, 1980
4 Bethlehem steel Evacuation Plan, 1972?
5 Dunes Material, 1978
6 Miller Citizens Corporation, 1979
7 Gary Neighborhood Services Material, 1979-1980
8 Hatcher Material, 1978
9 Local Churches and Schools List, 1980
10 Business and Professional People for the Public Interest, 1978-1979
11 Indiana Solar Lobby Materials, 1979-1980
2 12 Midwest Anti-Nuclear Groups List, 1979-1981
13 Democratic Party Information, n.d.
14 Karen Silkwood File, 1978
15 National No-Nukes Strategy Conference Report, 1978
16 Minorities and Nukes, 1978-1979
17 Women and Nukes, (1975-1979)
18 Union Views of Nuclear Power, 1978-19??
19 Union of Concerned Scientists Information, 1977-1979
20 Labor Committee for Safe Energy and Full Employment Material, 1980
2 21 Dr. Mancuso Termination Information, 1979
22 Nuclear Information and Resource Service, 1978-1979
23 Musicians United for Safe Energy Foundation Material, 1979-1980
24 Public Utilities Regulatory Policies Act, 1979
25 Honicker vs. Hendrie Case Summary, 1978
26 Clamshell Alliances, 1977-1981
27 Sample Letters, 1980-1981
28 Anti-Nuclear Arguments, Various, (1974-1979)
29 Statements from other U.S. Grassroots Alliances, 1977-1981
2 30 Publications of International Grassroots Alliances, 1978-1979
31 Miscellaneous, 1978-1981
32 Solar Power Information, 1975-1980
33 Nuclear Regulatory Commission Information, 1979

Box Folder Description
3 1-11 Nuclear Regulatory Commission Dockets, (1976-1981)

Box Folder Description
4 1 Nuclear Regulatory Commission Dockets, 1981
2 NRC Dockets, n.d.
3 Nuclear Power Costs, 1978
4 NRC Statement to Improve Nuclear Plant Licensing, 1978
5-6 Management of Commercially Generated Radioactive Waste, 1979
7 Report on Decommissioning a Reference Uranium Hexaflouride Conversion Plant, 1981
8 NRC Guidelines for Control Room Design Reviews, 1981
9 Functional Criteria for Emergency Response Facilities, 1981
10 NRC Safety Impact Report, 1981
4 11 NRC Decommissioning Waste Burial Ground Report, 1981
12 NRC Control Room Design Review Reports, 1981
13 Nuclear Accident Source Term Assumption Report, 1981
14 Report on Nuclear Waste Management, 197?
15 Evacuation Plans: The Achilles' Heel of the Nuclear Industry, 1978
16 Energy: The Easy Path, 1979
17 Nuclear Reactor Licensing, 1975
18 Nuclear Power Risks, 1975
19 A History of Federal Nuclear Safety Assessment, 1977
4 20 Testimony before Joint Committee on Atomic Energy, 1976

Box Folder Description
5 1 Energy Bibliography, 1978
2 The Risks of Nuclear Power Reactors, 1977
3 Preliminary Review of the AEC Reactor Safety Study, 1974
4 Overcoming Legal Uncertainties about use of Solar Energy Systems, 1978
5 Use of Solar Energy Systems, 1976
6 Plutonium and the Workplace, 1979
7 Energy and Order, 1976

Drawer Folder Description
1 1 Posters, (8), n.d.
Precinct Map, 1974
Petition Assignment Boards, (4), n.d.

Sound Recordings
Number Description
1 Barry Commoner Presentation, 1978
2 Barry Commoner Presentation, 1978

Subject Tracings
  • Bailly Alliance
  • Bailly Nuclear Plant I
  • Community Organizations
  • Energy
  • Environment
  • Gary (Ind.)
  • Northern Indiana Public Service Company (NIPSCO)
  • Nuclear Power
  • Nuclear Regulatory Commission
  • Union Locals