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CRA099 -- Community Action to Reverse Pollution (CARP) Records


2.00 Linear Feet
Septemner 1982


Helen Hoock, Chairman, donated the Community Action to Reverse Pollution Records to the Calumet Regional Archives on July 1, 1982.

Property rights in the collection are held be the Calumet Regional Archives; literary rights are dedicated to the public. There are no restrictions on access to the collection.

Linear feet of shelf space: 2 linear feet
Number of containers: 2 boxes.
Calumet Regional Archives Collection 099.
Processed by: Stephen McShane
Date: September 1982

Scope and Content

These records document the history of the Community Action to Reverse Pollution (CARP) Organization from 1965-1976. Most of the material deals with CARP's involvement in environmental issues in the period 197O to 1975. General correspondence (1969-1976) details the efforts of CARP to influence U.S. Congressional local public leaders regarding controversies such as a fossil fuel plant Construction near the Dunes Lakeshore, V.S. Steel coke ovens and the Bailly nuclear plant proposal. Also, the correspondence includes communications with other regional and national environmental organizations as CARP sought advice and received support from fellow environmentalists. CARP Statements, announcements, press releases, and fact sheets (1970-1972) supplement the correspondence and provide information on CARPs viewpoint on local environmental issues and the group's actions and activities to protest industrial expansion along the Lake Michigan shoreline.

In addition, the collection retains material dealing with the Gary Park Board, the Northern Indiana Public Service Company (NIPSC0), and U.S. Steel, focusing upon conflicts over plant locations and air quality standards. This series also includes Atomic Energy Commission reports regarding the construction of the Bailly 1 Nuclear generating station. Newsclippings (1970-1974) furnish additional data on the differences between CARP and local industry.

Also, the CARP records include statements and newsletters from regional environmental organizations such as the Save the Dunes Council, Northwest Indiana Clean Air Coordinating Committee, Businessmen for the Public Interest, and the Lake Michigan Federation. These files express the concerns of the various groups over the preservation of northwest Indiana's ecology and also contain statements by CARP. Finally, a large series of printed material supplied by local and state organizations as well as national public and private environmental agencies provide general ecological educational information on water, air, and nuclear power.

The Community Action to Reverse Pollution Papers provide an illustration of a group of local people not only dedicated to learning more about nature, but also intensely concerned with preserving their surrounding natural environment. Researchers should note that several cassette tapes detailing the NIPSCO boat harbor hearings (1971) are available in the Calumet Regional Archives. In addition, information on other Calumet Region environmentaL organization can be found in the Bailly Alliance Records (CRA 023), the Edward Newell Papers (CRA 064), and the James Newman Papers (CRA 073).

Historical Sketch

In November, 1969, a group of Gary citizens concerned about industrial expansion along lake Michigan established the Community Action to Reverse Pollution organization. Adopting the abbreviation CARP, the members elected Mrs. Helen Hoock of Gary as chairman of the association. The primary goal of CARP centered upon preventing "further destruction of Gary's atmosphere, recreational facilities, and natural resources." During its brief history, CARP became involved in several environmental controversies. For example, the group had organized originally to oppose the construction of an electric power plant adjacent to Marquette Park near the Indiana Dunes. Continuing the fight against air pollution CARP charged that U.S. Steel coke ovens contributed to Gary's air pollution problems, and the issue assumed major importance in Gary's campaigns to control air quality in the Region. Later, the Action supported a Gary anti-pollution ordnance (No. 70-60) in local public hearings. In addition CARP joined with other regional environmental groups in conflicts over issues of thermal pollution, preservation of the Dunes, and nuclear power plans of the Northern Indiana Public Service Company in the mid-1970s.

Throughout its lifetime, CARP had been instrumental in educating the public about environmental issues and alternatives to unlimited industrial growth in the Calumet Region's unique natural areas. The group participated in public hearings, held protest events at the Dunes Lakeshore, and lobbied for more effective environmental legislation. Unfortunately, because of the growing lack of interest in ecology in the later l970s, CARP's membership dwindled, and the organization became inactive after 1975. The group continues to exist, however, and maintains a quiet, but watchful attitude toward environmental issues to ensure a cleaner environment for northwest Indiana.

Box File Description
1 1 Agendas/Mailing lists, 1969-71, 1978
2-3 General Correspondence, (1969-1980)
4 CARP Statements, (1969-1976)
5 CARP Announcements, 1970-1974
6 Press releases, l970, 1978
7 CARP Fact Sheets, n.d.
8 Coke Oven Controversy Information, 1970-1971
9 Gary Park Board (1965-1971)
10 The Manischewitz Caper--Air Pollution Report, 1971
11 NIPSC0 Small Boat Harbor Hearing Transcripts, 1971
12 University of Chicago Environmental Study of NIPSC0 Plant site, Miller, n.d.
13 NIPSC0 Material, 1970-1971
14 Summary of Application for Construction Permit, Bailly Nuclear Station, 1972
15 Atomic Energy Commission Intervenors Reports, 1973
16 A.E.C. Decision Hearing, Bailly Plant, 1974
1 17 A.E.C. Decision, Appeal by Joint Intervenors, 1974
18 A.E.C. Initial Decision, Bailly Nuclear Station, 1974
19 A.E.C. Initial Decision Correction, 1974
20 A.E.C. Orders, Bailly Plant, 1974
21 A.E.C. Construction Permit, Bailly Plant, 1974
22 A.E.C. Supplemental Initial Decision, 1975
23 NIPSCO Plant, Michigan City, 1970
24 Power Plant Information, 1970-1971
25 U.S. Steel, 1969-1970
26 Air, Water, and Inland Steel, n.d.
27 Focus on the 70's -- Gary Chamber of Commerce, 1970
28 Goals for Gary, 1970
29 Project Justice and Equality, 1970
30 Save the Dunes Material, (1970-1974)
31 Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore Master Plan, 1969
32 Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore Comprehensive Design, 1974
33 Environmental Statement/Comprehensive Design, Indiana Dunes West Beach, 1975
34 Buffington Pier Information, 1970
1 35 Izaak Walton League, 1970-1974
36 Miller Citizens Corporation Material, 1973-1974
37 Purdue-Calumet Environmental Education Project, 1975
38 Environmental Teach-In, 1970
39 Environment Workshop, Beveridge School, 1970
40 Newsclippings, 1970-1974
41 Northwest Indiana Clean Air Coordinating Committee, 1970-1974
42 Calumet Community Congress Resolutions, 1970

Box File Description
2 1 Lake-Porter County Regional Transportation and Planning Commission Newsletters, 1974
2 Northwestern Indiana Regional Planning Commission Newsletters, 1974
3 Lake Michigan Region Planning Council, 1973-1974
4 Businessmen for the Public Interest, 1969-1971
5 U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Permit Application Notices, (1970-1974)
6 Lake Michigan Federation Material, 1971-1975
7 Power Production and Protection on the Lake, 1970
8 Wastewater Management Study for the Southern Lake Michigan, 1973
9 Zero Population Growth,Hammond, 1970-1971
10 Hoosier Prairie, 1969
11 Indiana Air Pollution Board, 1968-1971
12 Indiana State Energy Conservation Plan Draft, 1977
13 National Intervenors, 1972-1974
14 League of Women Voters, 1965, 1969
15 United Steelworkers Air Pollution Conference Pamphlet, 1969
16 Environmental Action Foundation, 1974
2 17 Environmental Action Committee of Colorado, 1973
18 Environmental Protection Agency Announcements, 1971, 1974-1975
19 General Ecology Materials, (1970-1974)
20 Land Use Information, 1970
21 Environmental Impact Statement Directory, 1974
22 Air Pollution Primer, 1969
23 Battelle Report on Coke Ovens, 1970
24 Facts About Coal in the United States, 1974
25 Water Pollution Control Reports, 1973
26 Clean Water Information, 1967, 1970-1973
27 Nuclear Power File, (1970-1973)
28 Nuclear Energy: Promises, Promises, 1972
29 Energy Conservation Alternatives to Nuclear Power, 1973
30 A.E.C. Shipping High-Level Nuclear Wastes, 1974
31 Nuclear Power: A Danger to Peace and Freedom, 1974
32 Citizens Guide- The Debate on Handling Radioactive Wastes, 1974
33 Nuclear Power: The Once Bright Hope,1974
34 Nuclear Power and the Environment, 1974
2 35 Fallout on the Freeway, 1974
36 Miscellaneous, 1974-1975

Subject Tracings

  • Bailly Nuclear Plant
  • Gary
  • Community Groups
  • Dunes
  • Energy
  • Environment
  • Lake Michigan
  • Northern Indiana Public Service Company
  • Pollution
  • Steel